Along my life path, I have been very fortunate to have come across homeopathy and be open-minded enough to explore and research all that it offers when it comes to some of the most powerful, safe, and mind and body-aligned healing.

Today, I am deeply grateful for homeopathy, which is perhaps the most sophisticated yet simple, and elegant modality of healing available to us in this Earthly reality. Unfortunately, homeopathy is not well understood by most people where Big Pharma and scientism prevails, and as such it is all too often dismissed, attacked or ridiculed by people. This is unfortunate as in doing so, for one, we are just hurting ourselves and missing out on what could help us so much in the most effective and non-invasive manner, and two, the act of attacking something we do not understand is simply an expression of ignorance.

But ultimately, given our materialist-reductionist society, it is completely understandable why we have a hard time making sense of this modality. The reason homeopathy is so hard for us to understand is that it operates on the level of ENERGY — the foundational level of life and the root level of every expression and manifestation. Most people at this time in our human evolution, still only understand and are comfortable with “life” on the level of the physical and material, which is where we find the realm of “chemicals” and “pharmaceuticals”. However homeopathy is not based on chemicals, thus it is not based on ingredients in any traditional sense, and thus seems like there is nothing there. However, the more we explore the realm of energy, whether through quantum science or spirituality, the more we acquire a knowing of, understanding of, and appreciation for the subtler dimensions of life, and in turn something like homeopathy.

I recall first learning about it back around 2007, and even though I was (thankfully) open enough to even consider it then, still strongly conditioned by my science background at that time, it went completely over my head, as I was simply not ready for it. Homeopathy came back to me in 2012, at which point I was ready to seize its incredible potential. Since then it has become my trusted (and really only) healing/re-balancing modality, and a great source of interest, research, and learning. It is a complex system of healing, as it deals with the root level of our energy, mental and emotional bodies, more so than what is happening on the level of our physical body, and one of the many reasons why “one remedy does not suit all”.

But this is also what fascinates me that much more about it, as it acknowledges the strong mind-body connection, which is at the root of all symptoms and disease. Homeopathy is used widely in many parts of the world, with estimates sharing that over 200 million people use homeopathy on a regular basis.

We have a choice. We do not have to live in fear. We do not have to become part of the disease statistics. But we cannot do it while operating from within the materialistic-reductionist approach to health, medicine, food, and wellbeing. We need a shift in perspective, which allows us to tap into the world of holistic science and holistic medicine to realize the incredible potential of our body and the perfection of our food. Eating is easy, and maintaining optimal health is possible when we are working with the whole picture, rather than with isolated and disconnected details.

Wishing each of you a state of empowerment when it comes to your health. May you be open enough to seize the potential and take responsibility for your body and health, and dissolve the fears that sabotage your wellbeing.

To help educate people about homeopathy and dispel myths, there is a new documentary coming out this year, 2017, entitled Just One Drop. At the top of this post, you will find the trailer for this new film, which presents a little about what homeopathy is and is not, some of its research and uses.

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