As part of this post, I wish to share with you my gratitude for my awareness and ability to recognize infinite choices in my life. Unfortunately, all too many of us live with the idea that “we have no choice” about a certain matter, which sabotages and often flat out destroys the quality of our life and wellbeing. The truth is that we have as much choice as we can imagine. The problem is that we are either unwilling and/or unable to see and/or seize that choice.

All too often our Ego identity and fears keep us stuck in patterns and habits that make us feel like “this is it”, “this is as good as it gets”, or “this is what we have to put up with”, etc. Our own mental constructs keep us locked out of the field of potential choice. But acknowledging choice in our lives and even more so, utilizing its infinite potential is something available to and for all of us. The first step, however, if we wish to experience this is to remove the blockages that are keeping choice out of our reach. Because at the end of the day we ALL always have a choice: either to change our circumstances as best as we can in the moment of, or change our mind about those circumstances.

When we open this path to exercise our choice, we acknowledge our infinite potential for response-ability. And when we take responsibility for our lives, it is through this that we are liberated from the suffering and illusory prisons and confines of our own and our society’s own making.

And it is important to note here too that this is not about life bending and shaping itself to be like you want it to be, rather it is about you finding a way to navigate what is, with greatest peace and joy through use of your response-ability.

May you expand your perspective enough and open your mind enough to see the choice that is always before you to best nurture your soul’s path, evolution of consciousness, and wellbeing. The more you can imagine it and feel it, the more you can live it.

AFFIRMATION: I have as much choice as I can imagine.

Evita Ochel