October Gratitude message: Today I share my gratitude that 10 years ago today — the day of the Canadian Thanksgiving — I made one of the best decisions of my life: to stop consuming all animal flesh. As I sat down to a family Thanksgiving dinner that day and saw things, as mindfulness teaches us, “just as they were”, not as I was conditioned to see them, not as I thought I should see them and not as I wanted to see them, but truly as they were, I saw the madness before me, which up to that point I was blindly a part of and contributing to > a dead being, abused, tortured and slaughtered simply for our “pleasures”.

My eyes, heart and mind opened that day more so than ever, and allowed me to take one of the best actions for my personal health and wellbeing, and for the wellbeing of other living beings I share this Earth with, including all animals and humans, as well as for the Earth itself, and our collective consciousness. Once you truly see things for what they are, there is no going back, no craving, no wanting, no depriving. There is just pure awareness, empathy and compassion for the incredible pain and destruction we have inflicted on other life forms and our Earth.

The more aware we become, the more we allow ourselves to see and feel, the more mindfully we make our choices. I cannot take back my participation or undo the choices I made up to that point, and living with shame or guilt is highly destructive, and should never be our alternative. The solution instead is to act when we become aware, change our ways accordingly and apply the highest level of love, compassion and forgiveness, first to the self, and second to others. Eventually, love will prevail, and as we heal ourselves, we will heal our world.

To raise more awareness about this topic, which is at the crux of our human morality and spirituality, here are three great articles that educate, inform and shed light on the challenges and inconvenient truths before us regarding the consumption of animal flesh — meat.

  1. Let’s Face it: There Is No Such Thing as Humane Meat

  2. Vast Animal-feed Crops to Satisfy Our Meat Needs are Destroying Planet

  3. Why Factory Farming is Not Just Cruel – But Also a Threat to All Life on the Planet

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