Traveling is an activity that can open us up to new dimensions of ourselves, and our world. I find it enriching, exciting, and expanding to experience different parts and cultures of the world. My reasons for traveling and experiencing new and different are not driven by a list in which I want to conquer a certain number of places or things, nor do I do it out of boredom, or any sort of Ego-driven accomplishment. I have made traveling a part of my life because I enjoy experiencing this physical life and planet on all the different dimensions of its being.

All the new sights, sounds, and adventures cultivate within me more humility and wonder for all life. They help me foster the child within. I have also always found traveling to new places to be one of the best ways of exercising our present-moment living and consciousness expansion.

In November 2011 I will be embarking on a new trip to a part of the world that I have never visited before, that being South America. To be more exact, I will be traveling to Peru. However, this journey will not be like a typical tourist trip, as it will have an element of being a Sacred Journey. During this journey, I will have the chance to experience the ancient land of the Incas and their ancestors through a blend of Shamanic journeys, meditation, Native ceremonies, and visiting sacred sites like Machu Picchu. The sacred journey will have various elements of stillness, reverence, and adventure weaved throughout it.

In sharing with you about this experience, I wish to expand upon three valuable areas, which relate to it and play a role in each of our lives. They can help us understand ourselves, life, and the current time on our planet with greater depth and clarity.

  1. The Process of Creation
  2. The Significance of 11-11-11
  3. The Potential of Sacred Journeys for Personal Evolution

And so, let us begin our journey here and now, of delving into each of these areas and seeing how they can further expand our consciousness.

The Process of Creation

So how did this trip come into its existence in my life? It wasn’t planned in the typical sense that one plans a trip, but rather came to be through the divine process of co-creation with the Universe.

For the past few years, especially since the inception of the Secret, the idea of manifesting and creating things in our lives has become very popular. Many have fervently tried to manifest all of their desires according to the Law of Attraction with some being successful and many others greatly dismayed. Why the difference?

The incongruence comes from many, many missing pieces. I know today that unless we understand ourselves, life and the laws of creation in the Universe on a deeper level, we will not be able to effectively manifest or create. For starters, I feel creation is blocked as soon as we want something for our Ego-self, rather than our inner being’s spiritual evolution. However, this is not the article to get into the details of how to create effectively. Let us instead summarize the significance of the different parts of the creation process.

For me, 5 terms play a key role in my life in the process of creation. I find them to intermingle in just the right and precise way, in how and why everything happens as it does in my life, and life in general:

  1. Synchronicity vs. Coincidence
  2. Manifesting vs. Unfolding
  3. Vibrational Vortex

1. Synchronicity vs. Creation

Let’s look at some of the things that “happen” in our lives. Usually, many call some out-of-the-blue occurrence or meaningful event a “coincidence”. However, when we begin to learn and understand how the Universe works on a deeper level, we begin to realize that there are no coincidences. Every single event, every single person, every single moment that is experienced by us at any given time is there for a reason. No matter how big, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, every occurrence has a meaning for us whether we are conscious of it or not. The Universe is much too efficient to create or have it be any other way. This is why today I see life as a flow of divine synchronicities. When we begin to see all that takes place in our life as such, or also as some refer to as serendipity, we begin to connect the meaning and purpose for all that takes place. I find this is one of the most empowering tools to make us realize that we are conscious participants in all that happens, rather than powerless victims to whom things happen unexplainably.

2. Manifesting vs. Unfolding

Secondly, we need to examine manifesting versus unfolding. In my life, I like to live striking a balance as best as I can in both of these areas. I believe we are powerful creators and can manifest exceptionally well all that our soul desires (notice our soul, not Ego). However, due to the fact that we are all at different levels of spiritual evolution, and often not capable of grasping the bigger meaning of, or the purpose for certain things, we need to honor an element of unfolding. As I like to say, be an active, conscious creator, but know when to get out of the way and allow things to unfold. If we get stuck on the manifesting side only, we will most likely suffer every time a manifestation does not come through the way we expected it to. If we get stuck on the unfolding side only, we relinquish our ability to be active participants in our own life. Ultimately, what goes along with this for me is the idea that we may not always get what we want, but we always get what we need.

3. Vibrational Vortex

Finally, there is the idea of something called the Vibrational Vortex. This term was coined by Abraham Hicks, and as all things can mean slightly different things to different people. One part of what it means to me and why I feel it is an integral part of the creative process is that we cannot attract or create something unless a possibility or reality of it being created exists somewhere within us, or our vibration. Let’s use the examples of winning the lottery, which many in our world still would love to have happened to them, or the example of being robbed which many in our world do not wish to ever happen to them. Many would claim that they definitely live with the possibility of winning the lottery or with the impossibility of being robbed. However, while this is in their conscious mind, their subconscious state and energetic vibration towards that event may tell a whole other story. So unless we understand more of the specifics of how different energy vibrations between people and events, or the conscious and subconscious mind work, we are unable to attain a holistic view of what it actually means to be “in vibration” or in a “vibrational vortex” with respect to something. Said another way, if you do not open the door of the possible creation of a certain experience somewhere in your energy field, it is impossible to have it happen.

So how did a Sacred Journey to Peru come about during the significant time of 11-11-11 for me? I had an energy vibration for South America since I can remember. For over the past year, my vibration for Peru specifically, began to intensify. By being in the vibrational vortex of “this experience”, and consciously creating enough to let the Universe know what my soul desires, I then got out of the way for things to unfold, and divine synchronicities took care of the rest.

With what I shared above in mind, I invite you to examine your personal creative process and see if what I wrote above resonates for you, or can help you in any way with your creative process. Reflect and try to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your personal creative process, and how you can become more aligned with your soul’s creative energy.

The Significance of 11-11-11

The time around November 11th, 2011 will find me personally in the Machu Picchu area in Peru. I know for many people Machu Picchu alone holds a certain special vibrational energy that has been known to help people connect with past lives, expand their being, awaken in various areas of their life, or to certain Universal truths, channel spirit beings, and more! I imagine also, that for many this sacred place, in combination with the date 11-11-11, will be even more significant for one’s personal spiritual journey.

So let us examine a bit of the idea behind the date 11-11-11. Is it just a coincidence to see these numbers? Well, if you feel as I feel above, the answer is, no. But aren’t they just numbers, and if it is about the date, isn’t time a man-made illusion? The answer to that question is a definite, yes. So what’s the deal with 11-11-11 then?

For some people in our world, there is no significance to this date, and it will pass by just like any other day. For others yet, this day is seen as very significant, representing all sorts of things from opened portal gates to other dimensions, Ascension opportunities, energy intensification, and many other things along those lines. So who is right as to what, if anything, will happen then? All parties. As the famous quote by Henry Ford goes:

“Whether you think/believe you can, or you think/believe you can’t–you’re right.”

Our thoughts are powerful, our mind is powerful. If we don’t realize the immense power of both yet, this is a good time to start. And so what I feel to be true, is that even though there is a certain pattern to 11-11-11 that allows it to hold a different energetic frequency, in the end, it may not matter if the number is 11-11-11, or 3-3-3 or 4-5-6. What matters more, is the intention and focus that is given to it, personally and even more importantly collectively. Whether we believe in 11-11-11 having some significance for us or our world, or not having any at all, we are all still right.

Therefore when it comes to this date, I personally cannot say I am in group A or group B, but somewhere in the middle. What I know to be my truth is that 11-11-11 does seem to pop up at the most opportune times in my life, where there is not a shadow of doubt given what I was just thinking, saying, or doing, that it signifies for me a sort of “not-to-be-missed” confirmation of being in the divine flow. Therefore I am open to this date, and any potential energies that come forth with it, but at the same time, I am not living my life around it or holding expectations of something precise happening.

The Potential of Sacred Journeys for Personal Evolution

As I shared with you in a previous article entitled, A Call To Come Together For Love, Peace & Healing, there is perhaps no better time than this time of great change on our planet during which it would most benefit us to do lots of inner work. Whether you start a new or enhance your current meditation, stillness or silence practice; go on retreats; immerse yourself in enlightened material; take self-evolving courses; experience a sacred journey, or participate in any other practice that can bring you inner peace and an expansion of your consciousness at this time, all are very valuable.

As I embark on this Sacred Journey to Peru with Spirits of the Earth, I remind myself not to hold any expectations of what should or could happen. While I cannot recommend enough for everyone to be a conscious creator of their life, at the same time I also encourage all to be open and flexible to what the Universe or your spiritual self may have in store for you. Know when to create, and when to get out of the way, be open and allow for all that is for your highest good to come through and manifest itself.