Vacations, or any kind of down time, relaxation time or enjoyable activities are an excellent way to increase our sense of well-being. Relaxing, pleasantly spent time in new places, or spaces has the power to raise our vibration as we detach from our daily routines and step into a fresh environments. We begin to experience our environments in more conscious ways, and enjoy the plethora of rich experiences for our senses.

In our society today, especially in the Western World, most people struggle to have more than 3 weeks of vacation time per year. Most of us are extremely overworked, and life quickly takes on a monotonous routine when we begin our formal careers. Many people get burnt out, live life as if on auto-pilot and miss out on the daily joys of living life to the fullest. To add to this, our health has been known to suffer as well when our doing is not balanced with our being, and we are constantly in states of chronic stress.

We need to understand however, that taking time out for a “vacation” need not be a costly or elaborate thing. Often it is the simplest things that matter most, and have the most influence on our life. So while you can definitely think big and dream up that trip that you have always wanted to take on one of your vacations, know that your vacation time can take the form of visiting a new local park, or trying a new community class.

When we expand our view and understanding of vacations, not only do they become more attainable to each of us, but they also provide for us long-term and continuous benefits. Today we know without a shadow of a doubt that relaxing, enjoyable time out provides a different biochemistry for our bodies, one which influences positive states of health on all levels. And while all these benefit, we also benefit our “soul”, as our personal spiritual evolution can be greatly enhanced by novel experiences that foster positive feelings within.

Here is a list of 11 reasons to inspire you to make regular “vacation” time in your life a priority. These scheduled relaxing and enjoyable breaks will not only benefit your physical health, but mental and emotional well-being also.

1. Break the Routine

Routine usually equals living life on auto pilot, unconsciously, or like a zombie as some might even say. Vacations usually take us away from our usual atmosphere, and definitely take us out of our routine. Both of these force our minds to snap out of many of the automatic thoughts that take us through life each day, and make us rely once more on deliberate and more conscious thoughts and actions.

2. Make Us Focus On Being

In our lives each day, most of us are swept into a vortex of “doing”. Doing chores, doing the duties of our jobs, doing the duties of parenting, finances, etc. There is perhaps no other time like vacations however, when it comes to being. All of us a sudden there really is nothing to do. Now it is a matter of just being in the moment and enjoying whatever it brings.

3. Expose Us To New Cultures

Perhaps not all vacations are capable of this, but many are able to expose us to new cultures. This is extremely beneficial for the soul, because it isn’t only fun and exciting to meet and learn about new people, but it also fosters our personal evolution. Many of us exhibit racist or prejudice views simply because ignorance keeps us stuck in limited thought patterns. We do not know about other people and cultures, and usually as human nature would have it we fear what we do not know. And fear is usually exhibited by negativity or aggression.

4. Expose Us To A New Way of Life

While on vacation we can learn a new way to cook or perhaps incorporate a new activity into our lives. Vacations give us a chance to try new things, which we can bring back to our habitual life and actually bring about changes to make life a more rich and fulfilling experience.

5. Allow Us To Get Back In Touch With Who We Are

In the daily rat race, it is not uncommon for many of us to actually lose ourselves. We forget who we are deep down inside. We forget what really makes us happy and fulfilled. We neglect our needs and set aside our aspirations. The result is usually a sense of bitterness or cynicism about life being a certain way. Vacations allow us to have more time to focus back on us, and remember if only piece by piece, who we really are.

6. Allow Us to Connect To Our Spiritual Self

Vacations, especially those spent somewhere in nature, bring us closer to our spiritual self, as they connect us with the world around us. We have a much better chance of seeing, understanding and appreciating that we are one with all of the beings around us, whether human, animal or other. Many of us on vacations meditate (formally or informally) and have chances to connect to our higher selves much easier.

7. Allow Us To Live In The Present Moment

Nowhere is it perhaps more possible, than on vacations to be in the now. At no other time in our lives perhaps, do many of us have the luxury of really enjoying the moment of now. The past and the future are most elusive here, as we enjoy the excitement of every moment that each day brings. Gone are the past and future, as we stroll along a beach, enjoy a museum or hike up a mountain. There is just this moment. This is instrumental as it allows us to see what is possible, and hopefully that the past and future are just figments of our imagination that take us away from enjoying the moment of now.

8. Inspire Us To Have Fun

As I mentioned to you at the beginning, most of us will no doubt agree that vacations are fun. And it is this fun component that is missing in many of our lives, and vacations give us a chance to experience it, if only for a short time. Some lucky few, will perhaps be so inspired that they incorporate some regular fun into their life when they even come back from their vacation. Fun keeps us young, makes us more pleasant and keeps us connected to the beauty of life.

9. Put Us In A State of Positive Being

For many people vacations mean the absence of thoughts about bills, chores, expectations and obligations. Most of us tend to be our best on vacations and be in the most positive state many of us are capable of otherwise. How is it that vacations do that to us? Is it because there is nothing to worry about? But does worrying actually ever solve anything? So yes, vacations are very good at making us feel positive, or putting us in a positive state of being that allows us to taste life at this amazing level, which by the way is possible when we come home too.

10. Foster Deeper Bonds In Our Relationships

Vacations naturally seem to bring us closer to our loved ones. They can re-ignite love and passion. Even if we are traveling alone, they can help us appreciate our relationships and the people we have in our lives. They can help us express love, kindness and compassion. Kids and parents get closer. Spouses tend to get closer and we are just plain nicer to even the strangers around us.

11. Allow Us To Gain New Perspectives

Vacations have the power to make us change our minds about a lot of things. So many of us hold deeply within us, rooted paradigms and beliefs that do not always serve us. Vacations can provide opportunities to test those and bring us to a new way of looking at things. In fact often just by stopping our day to day thinking and clearing our heads, we gain a new perspective on many things. This is great for our personal evolution because it takes us out of the preconceived boxes so many of us put ourselves into, and allows us to gain a greater understanding about many things in this life.


Whether you choose to take a vacation for a day, a week or a month, they can be highly enjoyable times for our body, mind and soul. Of course the attitude you choose to take with you on vacation will play the biggest role in how you experience it.

But generally, even the grumpiest of people seem to light up and become a new person when on vacation. So no matter what your budget, no matter what your time allowance and no matter what your personal situation, try to squeeze in some vacation time and get away somewhere on a regular basis. No matter how close or far you go, it is guaranteed to transform you in many positive ways.

As you engage in dreaming up and creating some fun getaways, also consider reflecting on the following question: what would it take for my everyday life to feel more like a vacation? to see what ideas you can come up with to have your life become more in alignment with joy, fun and balance daily.