Do we live in a virtual reality? Be part of an exciting project being led by physicist and consciousness researcher Tom Campbell to run virtual reality experiments that will test this theory and help us understand the nature of our reality, and change how we view consciousness, reality and ourselves.

To help raise awareness about this project, on Wednesday, May 23, I will be co-hosting one of the live, 1-hour Q&A sessions with Tom, where audience members will get to ask us any questions pertaining to these topics. (The live stream was recorded and you can now view it above via YouTube.)

To participate or learn more, please visit the official project page: Do We Live in a Virtual Reality?

Please share this groundbreaking work with others.

  1. The Nature of Reality Part 1

  2. The Nature of Reality Part 2

  3. The Nature of Reality Part 3

  4. Virtual Reality: How Love Works in a Simulation

  5. Virtual Reality: How Intent Works in a Simulation

  6. Virtual Reality: Consequences of Living in a Simulation