As we end of this year, here is some awesome news for a better future, as veganism goes mainstream and takes on the business world. I invite you to read this excellent article from Forbes, entitled Here’s Why You Should Turn Your Business Vegan In 2018, which outlines the incredible changes taking place in business, as increasing emphasis and demand is placed on plant-based products. I continue to be positively uplifted by such news, as it is showing that our collective values are changing when it comes to our own health, how we treat animals and the sustainability of our Earth home.

There is no doubt that we are living on the cusp of a major societal breakthrough, which is reflecting more awakened states of being, expanded states of consciousness, awareness, open-mindedness, altruism and heart-centered living. Our values and priorities are changing en masse and not a minute too soon, as we have already created unspeakable destruction upon this Earth and all of its living beings. With this shift in thinking and living come the final decades, perhaps even just years for destructive and horrific industries like the dairy industry, egg industry, meat industry and all other industries and businesses based on the torture, murder and exploitation of animals. While many people cannot imagine a future where such industries become extinct, it is part of our natural spiritual evolution, and is not a matter of “if”, but only a matter of “when”.

As we move into the year 2018, we are seeing veganism reflected on the menus of an increasing number of restaurants and events. From clothing to personal care products, more and more people are taking note of how their daily choices are impacting the animals we share this beautiful Earth with and the environment itself, and making appropriate changes in those choices. And today, there is no shortage of amazing plant-based foods of every kind and cruelty-free products to satisfy and meet every preference and budget.

On this note, I am doubly uplifted by the difference I see in the response to any mention of “plant-based”, “vegan” and “compassion” topics on social media. Whereas in the past, such posts were marginalized or largely ignored, this past year alone the exposure and response has significantly increased, and leaves me in awe and gratitude for each one of you who has positively acknowledged these topics, but more importantly, those of you who are leading the way and being living examples of positive change in action! Way to go, and a big thank YOU from the animals and our Earth and myself for making a better, more love and peace filled world for all.

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