A recent article by Canadian journalist Linda McQuaig, entitled No More Silence About the Torture of Animals shares gently but honestly what is uncomfortable to hear and inconvenient for many people, especially at this holiday time of year. I fully understand. I was once there. But it needs to be said either way. How else are we to grow and evolve to become better human beings and advance our human race towards a more loving and peaceful existence?

If you haven’t already, perhaps this holiday season you will make one of the most important, loving and meaningful decisions of your life and close the gap of disconnect where we love and care for one, while we torture and kill another, whether directly or indirectly through the choices we make daily via our food, clothes, hobbies, entertainment, etc.

Bring more love and peace into your life, by giving it to others — all other living beings ❤️

Wishing you a love, joy and peace filled holiday season!

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