It is always such a pleasure to share with you good news, like when mainstream medical fields or organizations catch up to what consciously informed citizens, and experts already know. This being that whole, plant foods are the most ideal and powerful nutritional tools we have with which to maintain the best health, prevent diseases and treat conditions that may already be present.

And when it comes to the three main chronic diseases that impact people today: heart disease, cancer, and diabetes type 2, whole plant foods excel in each of these areas. For diabetes type 2 alone, a few years back, the medical mainstream finally recognized that fruits are beneficial for prevention and treatment of diabetes type 2, contrary to what many people believed or were incorrectly told previously about restricting fruit and fearing fruit sugars.

Recently, the American College of Physicians issued new diabetes guidelines that acknowledge the power of a proper diet, namely a plant-based diet, to help prevent and treat the many facets of this condition.

Here is a summary of what is already known about the power of whole, plant foods for this and the other two main chronic diseases:

Research shows that plant-based dietary patterns prevent diabetes, reduce insulin resistance, improve beta-cell function, and improve blood glucose levels. Plant-based foods provide important nutrients that lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, and protect against heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers more effectively than medications.

If you are already eating a whole-food, plant-based diet, celebrate your journey, knowing that you are giving your body the best nourishment and protection possible. And if you aren’t yet, I invite you to start taking steps today towards investing in your health with the food choices you make. Everything you eat impacts you, so it is well worth choosing wisely and creating your body and health consciously.

For quick and easy reference of what to eat and what not to eat, use my free optimal health food guide.