In her book, author Rebecca Lynne dissects the book of Genesis, which is found in the Bible through the lens of her personal research and spiritual evolution. She unites science and spirituality in a unique and thought provoking way showing us a side of Genesis most of us would never possibly imagine. In her quest she seeks to find, understand and apply ideas about life’s big topics such as death, evolution, and creation. Along the way she finds similarities to the areas of quantum physics, which the book of Genesis seems to be sharing with us when it comes to these topics.

It is always deeply satisfying to read not just a “good book”, but a book that causes us to expand our consciousness, ignite our passions, challenge our beliefs and enter deep states of personal reflection. In addition, to get all this from a book that one would perhaps not expect, presents us with both, a very pleasant surprise and what I believe is a sign of being in alignment with our personal journey of evolution—as in, getting the right material, at the right time.

Such was the case for me upon reading The Secret Triangle: Of Life, Death, And Evolution by Rebecca Lynne. The book has a metaphysical and quantum science side that attracted me to it, but also a religious side that made me question if this would really be a book I would enjoy at this point in my journey.

Whether you are coming from a spiritual, or religious, or strictly scientific background, Rebecca’s analysis provides a valuable expansion for our hearts and minds to further illuminate our journey and help us remember our true nature. Although her conclusions are no doubt provocative and will trigger many to question or even reject the ideas, it is a book worthy of consideration for the truth seeking reader.

About the Author

The Secret Triangle: Of Life, Death, And Evolution is written by Rebecca Lynne and was published in October 2011.

Rebecca Lynne has been studying religion, spirituality, philosophy, metaphysics and science for the past 40 years. She was licensed as a Metaphysical Teacher in the Unity Movement in 1975 and in 1979 she received ordination from the Association of Unity Churches. She served as a counselor, teacher, and minister in the Unity Movement until retiring.

Known for her exceptional metaphysical insight of the Bible, The Ancient Mysteries, worldwide religions and philosophies, she has continued to teach and share new realizations by traveling to Unity churches to speak and present workshops. She acts as a bridge to those who are dissatisfied with traditional theology and want a spiritual teaching that has no particular creed and dogma. Her emphasis is upon universal laws that act the same way whether in the material realm or in the spiritual realms of the Infinite Universal Mind.

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About the Book

The Secret Triangle: Of Life, Death, And Evolution is only around 200 pages, but an information-dense and science-themed book that will require the reader to take their time reading it, leaving for lots of introspection and reflection time along the way. It is divided into 10 chapters, and has a valuable appendix section. Here is a summary of the chapters:

Chapter 1: What Is It All About?

Here Rebecca shares about her personal story and how her quest for truth began in childhood, and then through a life altering experience that propelled a spiritual awakening in her thirties.

Chapter 2: Seeing Words As Symbols

After a gentle start, this chapter begins Rebecca’s analysis of the first part of the first chapter in Genesis with powerful and profound science based ideas. Topics presented include the nature of God, the nature of energy, and the nature of consciousness.

Chapter 3: What Mind Images Is Produced As Form

Flowing over from chapter two with the same flavor, this chapter concludes Rebecca’s analysis of the latter part of the first chapter in Genesis. She elaborates on Universal Laws, involution, evolution, the significance of the four elements, and what it means to be created in the image and likeness of God.

Chapter 4: Holographic Living Souls

This chapter presents an analysis of the second chapter of Genesis, which Rebecca proves is not an alternate creation story, but a much needed continuation at a different dimension of reality. Main topics covered here include the Tree of Life, good versus evil, the idea of fear, and the relationship between thought and emotion.

Chapter 5: Sound Waves Produce the Double Helix

This chapter presents a look at how sound waves, DNA, human nature and the multidimensional nature of reality are all linked together. Here we get an analysis of the characters known as Cain, Abel and Seth.

Chapter 6: Fusion Through Sacrifice

In this chapter, Rebecca shares her interpretation of the story of Enoch, Noah and the flood, the Covenant, and the Tower of Babel, shedding light on the topics of reincarnation, Ego, unconditional love, and the reciprocal nature of reality.

Chapter 7: Watching the Law of Mind Work

In this short chapter, Rebecca presents a sort of “breather” chapter where some of the concepts covered to this point are summarized and she shares more about her personal life and how it reflects what she has learned through the discovery of the Triangle.

Chapter 8: Full Trinity Activated on Material Plane

In this chapter, Rebecca’s analysis moves to the New Testament, specifically the life and death of Jesus. She examines concepts like what the “Kingdom of Heaven” really means, the idea of the Immaculate Conception and the crucifiction on the cross.

Chapter 9: Ministry and Mission of Jesus Christ

This chapter looks more specifically at the words and work of Jesus, given the concepts learned from the new view of Genesis.

Chapter 10: Who Are You?

Through this chapter the reader is brought back full circle to metaphysical topics, like the Shift of Ages and Ascension, and quantum science topics like String Theory, and how it all ties together to what we learn with Rebecca in her interpretation of Genesis.

Freedom comes through self-reflection and that happens as each experience teaches us to look for the invisible mental cause of problems.

Rebecca Lynne, The Secret Triangle

Personal Commentary

The Secret Triangle presents a simple idea that upon first hearing will seem utterly bizarre—“God created nothing but a triangle”. Not the land, or water, or humans or animals. Yet from this triangle spring forth dimensions of creation that light energy penetrates, eventually concluding in the dimension of physical material reality. To begin to understand this fully, one must follow the intricate web of ideas presented by the author as she sheds light on a new way of viewing the symbolism presented in the book of Genesis. To help the reader along the path, the book also includes over 20 diagrams that are used to visually portray the author’s ideas and concepts.

For the most part, reading The Secret Triangle was a really pleasant and invigorating experience. I found that throughout most of the book, Rebecca presented a brilliantly witty union of science and spirituality. She clearly takes the reader on a mind expanding ride, as one follows her train of thought in decoding the passages of the Bible, specifically the book of Genesis. Many of the interpretations shared by her felt completely in alignment with my soul. It was also wonderful to have her make many abstract concepts very practical in how they apply to our everyday life.

However, due to the book’s heavy logic and science based nature, it is definitely not a book to consider as light reading. I recommend to read it during very awake times (not when tired before going to bed) for one must keep a sharp mind to follow Rebecca’s intricate analysis patterns in decoding the Bible texts. It is also a book that will most appeal to those who enjoy profound concepts and mind bending ideas of a higher nature. This is for sure no typical “religious” or even “spiritual” interpretation of the Bible. The metaphysical and quantum science nature of the book is actually one of the main reasons why I enjoyed it so much.

Throughout the analysis of the Biblical texts, one also cannot miss Rebecca’s sharp and inquisitive mind that presents the reader with expansive concepts and thought provoking conclusions. Whether I agreed with every bit of the findings and correlations or not, I found her clever play on words and concepts to be very refreshing. It was clear as well that the author herself is very well read, science savvy and extremely intelligent to be able to piece together the web of ideas that she has so coherently in order to make her conclusions clear. She is an inspiration to all younger minds when it comes to seizing and putting to full use the potential of our mind, regardless of our age.

What else makes Rebecca’s work worthy of consideration for any truth seeker, New Age enthusiast, or spiritually-aligned individual is that her findings mirror what many popular concepts are also trying to convey. Whether directly or indirectly obvious, her theories and conclusions are in alignment with the ideas found in works such as the Law of Attraction, Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God, A Course in Miracles, Tom Campbell’s idea of a virtual reality, the film “What the Bleep Do We Know?”, and Esther Hicks’ channelling of Abraham. From a quantum science perspective Rebecca finds amazing parallels between the story of creation and the concept of a Holographic Universe, with us being Holographic beings.

The reader can expect to take away the main messages that we are creators of our own reality, and there isn’t someone or something dictating what happens to us, or judging whether we have been “bad” or “good”. Other major themes covered include the illusion of separation from God, the powerful creative nature of an idea and the spoken word, the connection between thought and emotion, how there is no such thing as good and evil, and the self-reflective nature of reality. Rebecca’s main thesis also tries to convey that there really is no such thing as death, and she describes the alternate possibilities we have to look forward to as we advance in our spiritual evolution. The ideas presented enforce the concepts common to many spiritual truth seekers today such as the perfection of all life, being in union with God as one, and being Gods in training ourselves. This all makes the book a highly empowering, heart-centered and positive resource, that definitely takes living life with conscious responsibility to a new level.

In truth there is no good and evil, there is only God, or universal giving. Therefore, one force is not good and the other evil, but both are necessary for evolution.

Rebecca Lynne, The Secret Triangle

The only downside of the book for me, was the at times strong bias to old religious concepts, specifically when it dealt with the references to Jesus. So while I loved and found the first five chapters to be outstanding, I did not resonate with chapters 6 and 8 for example as much, which I simply found to be too traditional and literal, mirroring what many of the major Christian religions teach. I think there too hides lots of symbolism and possible alternate versions of how to see the possible life, work and death of the man named Jesus. From chapter 6 through 10, the book oscillates between some of these religious biases and new thought metaphysical ideas. And while I still found them valuable given the context of the book’s entirety, they were not as enjoyable as the first five chapters for me. In the end, it is good to keep in mind for the reader as Rebecca herself so well points out that “any one person can’t give another person the whole truth.


Overall, I found the book to offer a very fascinating look at the possible alternate view of the meanings and symbolism of Genesis, and one that I very closely resonate with. Even before I personally released all religious dogma and ties over five years ago, I knew that the literal interpretation of Genesis was the least likely possibility of any kind of truth. I therefore appreciate the expanded view that I have walked away with of the book of Genesis thanks to Rebecca’s work. Instead of being a story of how the “world” was created by “God”, one can walk away seeing the symbolism presented like a type of “guide book” that presents US with the “laws” of creation, for consciously creating our reality, as we travel on the path to re-discovering our inherent divinity.

Ultimately, even if Rebecca is not correct in her analysis, or one does not agree with everything she shares, an open minded reader will find her book compelling and worthy of consideration for deep reflection and consciousness expansion. It is perhaps the most empowering interpretation that I have found to date, and beneficial one by which to live. Another good interpretation of just the the story of Adam and Eve comes from writer Joshua Tilghman. I therefore recommend this book for anyone who has any interest in spirituality, the Bible texts or is at least familiar with the creation story, to consider seeing it through Rebecca’s eyes for a possible life changing paradigm shift in how we view everything we have ever been led to believe.

We can grow to understand that we ourselves are a creative principle that can change conditions by changing our beliefs about ourselves.

Rebecca Lynne, The Secret Triangle

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