I was inspired thanks to an email today from someone I know who has the typical life paradigm. Which one would that be? Oh you know, the one where life is a struggle, life is stressful, life is hard, life is full of problems…

After explaining to me the latest “problem”, the email was finished off with the following quote:

“Oh you know how it is; it’s one problem after another.”

First of all, no I do not know how that is. Well to be fair and honest, I used to, some time ago – but not anymore.

And second of all, I cannot imagine not having any problems with that kind of mindset.

I have heard that line from people many times before, but today the power of it really struck me.

What do you think a person saying or thinking that is declaring to the universe?

And what is worse, with words like that and the negative emotions that precede and follow them as well as the expectation, they are putting themselves in a perfect alignment to manifest those ideas faster than most people who are attracting positively.

And there it was in perfect plain view, just like that the Law of Attraction, put into action by someone who despite choosing to acknowledge it, is living it out daily.

Recall the Law of Attraction

For those of you, still a little new to this, the Law of Attraction is a universal law, a truth as some may call it that works, is present, and exists always – whether one knows it, believes it, accepts it or not.

According to the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. Hence thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences, and energies of a certain type attract more of the same.

Take the following example:

You start off your morning on the right side of the bed, as people like to call it, and chances are you will end up having a great day – unless of course, something bigger comes along to throw you off course.

On the other hand, you start off your morning on the wrong side of the bed, and it seems nothing can go right that day.

Coincidence? I don’t think so – never mind, I know so.

The examples of this are countless and if you start reflecting on your own life, I am sure numerous ones come to your mind right away.

If this topic is totally foreign to you, you can refer to The Secret for a quick, summarized version, or to the Teachings of Abraham for the long, detailed, and very practical version.


Now let us add one more piece to this puzzle – you are not completely helpless here. Since like is going to attract like no matter what, your only job is to put yourself in a positive alignment and you can pretty much kiss your problems away. Sounds simple, right?

Well, not quite. Many people, who watched the movie The Secret for example, got very excited, started desiring all the so-called “positive” things they wanted and boom – nothing! And hence just as quickly, they dismissed the whole idea and convinced themselves it wasn’t true and that was the end of that.

But they missed one huge part – they were not in true alignment with their desires. This is why at the start of this article I mentioned that negative things usually snowball in our lives. This is because it seems that we and our world today (society) is set up for drama and negativity. To put it in simple terms, it is much easier to feel negative it seems, than to feel positive. What this means for the average person wanting to apply the Law of Attraction is a lot of undoing of past thoughts and conditionings that are rooted in negativity.


Finally, the last piece of the puzzle; along with positive alignment comes expectation. Hence you can think the right thoughts, feel the right feelings, and dream all the right things, but unless you are actually expecting what you are wanting, then all that is to no avail.

That is why I mention yet again, that negative things seem to come much easier to us than positive. If you are sitting there in your happy place, dreaming and thinking of the dream job you are going to get, but lurking around is the root thought of “who am I kidding, it would take a miracle for this to happen” – you have to understand that it is not the Law of Attraction that is failing you in those cases, but you yourself.

There is no one to fool here, no one to lie to or kid – there is only you, and you cannot fool your inner being. You can easily fool your ego, but not your inner being.

Hence as I said, after the dust settled from the movie, The Secret for the millions that jumped on board to this with great enthusiasm, their excitement fizzled just as quickly because many did not understand the underlying principles. That is why I recommend the Teachings of Abraham for a thorough understanding with numerous, practical examples.

Putting It All Together

So let us examine the statement from the beginning once more:

“Oh you know how it is; it’s one problem after another.”

  1. The person is surrounded by negative emotion
  2. Another problem occurs, which drags them even lower
  3. This pattern continues for some time (most of us have faced years of this) – thus repetition leads to a strong expectation
  4. The person appears to “connect the dots” and declares to themselves and the universe that “one problem follows another
  5. And the universe delivers!

And bingo! It is the perfect and probably one of the easiest platforms for the Law of Attraction to play out its part. You feel negative – you get negative – you expect negative and the negative continues.

Now for all those enlightened souls reading this, please understand that I am using the word “negative” in a relative way.

Hence if we are to change and lead the lives that we truly desire, the lives of our dreams, then we must understand above all that the Law of Attraction works always. It will continue to draw in more positive into your life, if that is where you are at, or to draw in more negative into your life if that is where you are at.

Turning the Positive Corner

At this rate you may be thinking to yourself “oh no, I am doomed – how will I ever get out of this?”

Well fear not, as it is as simple as changing and turning your thoughts around right now. To explain this fully I could right dozens of articles on these processes alone, but for now let us just get the short, summarized version.

First, start by getting to know your own paradigm of life, and changing it if necessary.

Second, the next time a “problem” arises or something upsets you, start to think of things that make you happy, are pleasant and welcoming to you. Once you have shifted your focus from negative to positive, you will:

a) see the situation a little more clearly (things are never as bad as they seem)


b) you will be in a better place to take action

After all, problems are nothing more than opportunities for new growth. And if you get to the point of seeing that, then nothing will ever throw you off course again.

For most people, to really have a mind-shift it will take some time, so be patient. The easiest thing you can do to start the ball rolling in the positive direction for you is to start looking at everything that is “right” in your life. Be appreciative; be grateful – those are two of your most powerful tools that can literally move mountains.

And before you know it, as your thoughts change focus and as your energies get redirected you will be standing in the perfect path of alignment to attract anything you want. And the thought “one problem follows another” will just be some foreign, archaic phrase that you are completely out of alignment with.


Even though it may be easier in our society to feel “negative”, your inner being, your core, your true self, only know positive. We are innately all wired to feel good – that is why it literally “feels so good”, unfortunately, once the egos get in the way, negativity seems like the norm.

Despite this, as I have just stated, your inner being is pure, positive energy and even though it may seem hard at first, once you remember all this and start living it, you will resonate in your most natural state of bliss.

In the meantime, remember, the Law of Attraction works always for better or for worse, so make the most of it and use it for the better!