The current time on our planet offers some of the most exciting, yet challenging times. Many individual and collective changes are having a constant impact on our state of health, wealth and happiness. As many are awakening to their true nature, it is not always clear or easy to know how to navigate these new landscapes. This is where resources like the book The Council of Light can provide some guidance during this time. In this review I will share with you about this book and how it can help us awaken to remember our divine nature as creator beings.

About the Author

The Council of Light is written by Danielle Rama Hoffman, and was newly released in October 2013.

Danielle is a divine transmitter and scribe of ancient and innovative wisdoms for the purpose of elevating consciousness and inspiring personal growth. She is a leader in the shift into unity consciousness, living from joy, purpose and prosperity as divine creator beings. Aside from this book, she is also the author of The Temples of LightAn Initiatory Journey into the Heart Teachings of the Egyptian Mystery Schools.

Danielle’s work is based in supporting spirit centered light-workers, visionaries, coaches and personal growth enthusiasts to access their inner divinity so they can confidently share their purpose and unique contribution prosperously. Danielle has created and offers various programs and retreats, as well as tours to Egypt.

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About the Book

The Council of Light is just over 300 pages and composed of 2 main parts, made up of 19 chapters. The majority of the text is composed of transmissions (channel-like material) received by Danielle from the Council of Light.

In the introductory chapters, Danielle shares about her personal journey and how this material came into being. There are also energetic preparation chapters to enhance the reader’s experience and work with the Council of Light. It is a book that can be read and experienced all at once, or in stages as one may be ready for.

Part 1: The Rays of Light

This first part of the book is composed of 11 chapters that directly cover each of the 10 rays, as well as a chapter on light, and its application. Each of the chapters include messages and explanations from the Council of Light for each reader to know how to use the rays and when they can be of most help and value. The rays are a tool that we can use to align with frequencies like joy, love, or unity consciousness, as we create our desired state of health, wealth and happiness. Here is a breakdown of each of the specific rays:

  1. The Love Ray - helps us connect with unity consciousness, and can be used to harmonize and unify the illusions of separation to experience a higher frequency.

  2. The Joy Ray - helps us discover the joy in each moment.

  3. The Solar Ray - helps us ground ourselves in the now, and discover the good and abundance in each moment.

  4. The Emerald Ray - helps us be our authentic self, in the now fully.

  5. The Rainbow Ray - helps bring wholeness into our life and the ability to see the whole picture of any situation as it provides an energy of unity and harmony.

  6. The Forgiveness Ray - helps us attain freedom and have the ability to live with transparency and authenticity.

  7. The Peace Ray - helps bring light into our life, and helps us align with unity consciousness. It acts like a protective bubble, and helps us remember who we truly are.

  8. The Venus Ray - helps us connect with bliss and the knowing that what we desire is already here, we simply need to move into alignment with it.

  9. The Divine Ray - helps to align us with oneness and enter a greater state of awareness. It acts like a bridge to assist in our transformation.

  10. The Enlightenment Ray - helps to bring us into the frequency of unity, to experience inner union and illumination.

Part 2: Discussions with the Council of Light

This part is composed of 8 chapters that deal with practical applications for manifesting in our lives. The topics covered focus both directly and indirectly on the areas of our health, wealth and happiness. The focus in this part moves away from the rays of light to encompass the various emotions, frequencies and experiences we may seek or experience. Excellent nuggets of wisdom and guidance are shared about each of these topics that allow the reader to understand them from a bigger picture perspective, and apply on a practical level.

To really know that you are the Divine is the ultimate in resonance and alignment with self-love.

The Council of Light

Personal Commentary

During this time of change and transformation on the planet, some of us find it quite easy to navigate the new landscapes, and feel naturally drawn to the new energetic imprints as if we are coming home to something we have known deep within. For many others however, these are some of the most challenging times. The New Earth paradigms may be attractive, but old conditioning runs deep and can keep us stuck in patterns of thought and action that work against us. We are moving from energies rooted in fear and separation, to energies rooted in love and oneness.

This shift in consciousness that is underway is changing the energetic fabric of existence, and this is often tumultuous for many to experience as they attempt to make sense of their role at this time. The good news is that there is abundant support today. As each one of us awakens and evolves at the pace most right for us, many are able to walk ahead and guide others on their path. And so we have many spiritual and metaphysical texts, which exist today to provide guidance for all areas of our lives. Such is the case with Danielle Rama Hoffman’s transmissions from The Council of Light.

The first half of the book is dedicated to the 10 rays of light. The rays of light discussed here should not be confused with the 7 rays that are attributed to the work of Helena Blavatsky or Alice Bailey, and the school of Theosophy. The rays of light shared about in this book were received by the author through divine transmissions with the Council of Light. As I shared in the content summary above, they address core areas of our being that can be applied in numerous beneficial ways to our life. Reading through each of the rays, one will no doubt notice that at times their characteristics overlap in how they work or what they offer which may feel repetitive. However, we can use this affirmative method to strengthen our connection to the divine and understanding of the self as a creator.

The book is rich in wisdom and guidance. A large part of it is also composed of various practical and experiential exercises. The exercises are both short and long, and some can be done in the form of meditations. They include support exercises, energetic exercises, even drawing and writing exercises, as well as affirmations. In this sense, the book provides us with a type of tool kit that can help anyone who resonates with its energy traverse the landscape of personal and collective evolution at this time.

The tone of the book is very loving, caring and inclusive. It felt to me like a soft energy that is very gentle, yet assertive and empowering. I enjoyed reading and experiencing this book and seeing what wisdom, guidance or tools feel most in alignment to my life and evolution at this time. I found this book to be a loving confirmation of all that I have come to know and embody. It provides spiritual and metaphysical understanding about the Self and life in a wisely practical way. Often people may shy away from topics like these thinking that they won’t be realistic, or practical, or perhaps simply too “out there.” When it comes to the guidance from the Council of Light it is pretty timeless and echoes what many other spiritual disciplines are sharing. At the same time, it is good to always keep in mind that no matter what the material is or where it is coming from, we must apply our inner wisdom to discern what may or may not resonate with us at any given time.

If I had to pick, I would say that my favorite chapter in the book was Chapter 6 on the Rainbow Ray. I enjoyed reading and learning about each of the rays, but this one resonated with me in special ways. I love living and teaching about the big picture perspective, impermanence and equanimity, individualized oneness, full engagement rather than attachment, and releasing belief systems. Given my background in health and nutrition, I also greatly enjoyed Chapter 17 about health. The section was very inclusive and holistic, which is something I always look for to address health in the most effective manner. There is an exercise in this chapter entitled, opulent vibration of health, which I found to be a very powerful and beautiful experience.

I can definitely see this book benefitting the reader even more, if it had an audio component to it. Many of the exercises would make fantastic meditations or guided meditations that could actually be enhanced if one can listen to them, instead of read them. At the start of most chapters there are also Tuning In exercises, which I can imagine would be lovely to experience through audio, rather than just reading them oneself.

When it comes to books like these—books that are energetically and spiritually attuned, I feel that it is not about recommending or not recommending them. Rather, the person has to feel the energy of the book and feel from within if it is the kind of material that they are being called to at the present time. These types of books provide very unique and intimate experiences for each person based on their personal needs. They are sure to provide a host of experiences depending on where each individual is at, on their personal journey of awakening and evolution. The most important thing to remember is that it is not the book that is going to do something to us or for us, but we ourselves need to commit to do the work needed. Perhaps it is doing the exercises diligently, perhaps it is spending more time in regular meditation. Either way, we need to take accountability at all times and not forget that we are creating our experiences as we go. Ultimately, there is no doubt that this book will be of most value and benefit to those who are interested in, or already familiar with spiritual, metaphysical or esoteric wisdom.

The most important thing to understand about this segment is that at this moment—at this time on the planet—the more you are true to yourself the better everything is going to be for everyone.

The Council of Light

Video Episode with the Author

I had the pleasure of connecting with Danielle to talk more about her journey, the book, as well as the guidance shared from the Council of Light in the following video episode: Opening to Divine Transmissions and the Rays of Light, which you can enjoy below.


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