EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with featured guest Tom Campbell in a dialogue about Tom’s work My Big TOE (theory of everything) to help understand the nature of our reality.

Topics covered include:

  • transcendental meditation
  • out of body experiences
  • what is reality
  • parallel processing
  • knowing vs experiencing
  • the limitation of words to describe experiences
  • the non-objective nature of our reality
  • double slit experiment
  • the probabilistic nature of reality
  • the origin of the Big Bang
  • the limitations of Albert Einstein’s work
  • the definition of consciousness
  • connection of reality to consciousness
  • the nature of reality as virtual
  • placebo effect, mind healing, dreams
  • is it possible to be an objective human being
  • the uncertainty of our reality
  • the subjective nature of our reality
  • the rule set of reality
  • the consistency of reality
  • the power of intent
  • the role of fear and ego in creating our reality
  • tips for creating an optimal reality

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My Big TOE trilogy by Tom Campbell