Happy new year! My wish for you this new year is that you come to understand more so than ever the power of your own creative potential. It is a lovely gesture to wish others health, happiness, inner peace, or wellbeing, but these are not things that we get or don’t get randomly. These things are created by us through the daily thoughts, words, and actions we express. But to know how we are using these to support or sabotage the life we desire requires mindfulness.

Our human potential is so incredible, so powerful and so vast, that everything we’ve come to know thus far, where mainstream ideas go, is only like a drop in an ocean. We are literally creating the very world and realities we experience personally and collectively via every moment, except most of the time, most of us have no idea that we are. Imagine what we could do if we were intentional about it!

This is why the sooner we learn and start to use our thoughts and emotions consciously, on a personal and collective level, the more we can effectively and enjoyably experience and create within this reality. But until then, a haphazard approach, where we think life is happening to us, is random and unpredictable will be the going status quo.

And so, may you acknowledge your creative potential this new year with utmost mindfulness, in order to navigate through this life experience in the most pleasant of ways for you and for all those whose lives your presence impacts.

I share with you the affirmation, “I am the source of my life experience”, which guides my life and conveys the above message. Note that it does not mean “I am the source of my life circumstances”. Things will happen, some that you like and some that you do not like, but it is all about how you choose to experience them, which makes all the difference to the quality of your life and wellbeing. True happiness, health, and inner peace do not come from trying to control the external, but by learning to master our internal — state of mind and state of being.

With love and best wishes for conscious creation in your life for the new year ahead.