The nature of this reality is Annata - an impermanent, insubstantial, ever-changing nature. In this very moment, you are not who you were in the past, neither is your body, your mind, or your life. We are constantly changing, our life is constantly changing, and everything is impermanent - Anicca. Getting attached to any part of yourself or your life only results in suffering - Dukkha.

As we deepen our awareness and continue our journey of consciousness expansion, I wish to share with you a wonderfully enlightening piece written by scientist and Buddhist monk, Matthieu Ricard, about the illusion of the self. I hope you take a few minutes to read his words, which touch the mind, heart, and soul.

Next to the illusion of a permanent, physical reality, this is the greatest illusion we’ve ever fallen for, and to this day struggle the most with, quarrel about, and fight for personally and collectively within this Earth reality. All of our stresses and diseases are directly related to the illusion of the self. Every act of intolerance, hatred, and violence stems from this illusion. Every act of self-importance, entitlement, greed, revenge, and competition strengthens it.

Yet freedom and liberation are possible for each of us, but it doesn’t come from “out there”; it all starts by quieting the mind and taking our focus inwards as part of our daily life experience. For many people the idea of connecting with their heart, soul, and consciousness on a daily basis may seem “impractical” when there is so much “to do”, but that is only a matter of perspective and what we have been conditioned to believe is important, and how we are supposed to “act” to “fit in”. Just observe what you give most of your attention and focus to each day and you will get a quick idea of how your creative energy is being spent, or more aptly, wasted.

It is only when you actively shift your focus and change your perspective from the external to the internal, that you begin your journey of awakening and liberation from the illusion that enslaves you. And there is no point of completion or perfection to any of this; it is all about a progressive decrease in suffering and an increase in the quality of your human life experience.