The natural beauty of our Earth is so precious and so captivating, yet as we look around our world, we know that we have not taken care of our home in the best of ways. We have allowed so much pollution and toxic chemicals to be released into the air, water, and soil. We have caused species to die off due to deforestation, habitat loss, and inhospitable environments. It is next to impossible to go to a beach somewhere in the world today and not find signs of plastic pollution. Large cities and small towns are all inundated with garbage, and recycling programs have shown little hope due to minimal participation around the world in addition to the overwhelming amount of ongoing plastic production. Residents of highly populated cities know all too well the toxic effects of smog on hot days and increasingly poor air quality. Just as the toxins have built up in all parts of our Earth, they have also built up in our bodies with allergies, sensitivities, and chronic diseases being a common affliction for many people. In our neverending quest for more growth without consequences, we have begun to threaten our own wellbeing and survival of future generations.

Today, it is no longer about global warming or climate change, but about the multiple crises we face as humanity, that deals with our health and the health of our environment. Yes, it can be very uncomfortable to confront these topics and overwhelming to deal with them, but ignorance and inaction have never solved anything and never will. And while some may think that it would be great to sit back and let our governments or corporations fix the mess that we are in, they have proven time and time again to be incapable of any such action. This is why personal and collective salvation starts with our own actions.

The good news in the midst of our challenging times is that many of us are taking steps to change our ways as we grow in awareness and become more conscious of the consequences of our actions. Every single day, an increasing number of people have been making a difference and speaking up for our Earth and the urgency with which we need to overhaul how we have been conducting ourselves and our business practices on Earth thus far. For many of us, this means putting into action sustainable ways of living.

We know that there is a better way to live on Earth within the confines of this reality, and we know that we are capable of doing so much better than we have thus far. We have so much more potential, but to unlock it, we must shift from an “I” centered view of the world to a “we” centered view of the world, which coincides with heart-centered living. When we take a heart-centered approach, we begin to make different choices because we consider how our actions will impact other people, other living beings, and our entire Earth. Through such an approach, we practice empathy, kindness, humility, and compassion. We begin to make more choices that benefit the greater good, rather than just satisfying our own desires.

Here are some practical tips on what such an approach would look like in everyday life.

  • Be conscious of making sustainable choices.
  • Support companies and producers that create safe and environmentally-friendly products.
  • Avoid purchasing products from companies and corporations that create wasteful or toxic products.
  • Be a mindful shopper and focus on buying less and reusing more.
  • Focus on choosing organic, GMO, and local foods.
  • Avoid toxic chemicals in your food, personal care, home, and garden products.
  • Reduce the amount of waste your produce and practice zero-waste as much as possible.
  • Consider gardening, and doing so in an organic way that utilizes composting to deal with ant of your food waste while it nourishes your soil.
  • Practice the art of simplicity where you focus less on material things and more on quality living.
  • Take an active role in raising awareness and solving issues that impact your community.

To inspire, motivate, and empower you further into heart-centered living that benefits our Earth, in the following video, I take you through 10 Earth-Conscious Tips for Everyday Life. These are some of my favorite ways to live more sustainably, which are simple for us to do yet are powerful at helping to heal our Earth, and they enable each of us to be the change that we wish to see.