In the fall of 2017, yet another groundbreaking and leading-edge documentary was released that brings awareness and emphasis to the power of our mind. To go to the root of why we really get sick and how we can heal means that we must examine the role of mental and emotional health on our physical health. This isn’t as much about how states like anxiety or depression influence our risk of physical disease, but about how the type of thoughts and emotions that we have daily influence our disease risk and healing potential.

Placebos are typically a mystery to mainstream science mainly because it fails to recognize the nature of consciousness and the power of the mind in creating the reality we experience. The same thing goes for the nocebo effect and how negative ideas and beliefs influence everything from the state of our health to the quality of our life.

The body follows the mind. The mind processes and translates the experiences in our reality based on our past conditioning and present perceptions. How your mind will link together data, such as observations, thoughts, and emotions, at any given time, will dictate the level of your health, wellbeing, pain, or healing.

“Our mind is intricately interconnected with the body, and unconsciously, with our beliefs and intentions, we influence our health. We have a great potential for self-regulation and self-healing that we are barely aware of.

Steve Taylor, Author of The Power of Placebo

Our body has all of the programming it needs to heal itself. The only thing standing in its way is our mind.

“We are subject to illusions about ourselves, about the world, and if we could only clarify our vision, then we’d be happier and better people.”

Robert Wright, Author of Why Buddhism is True

If you only knew how incredibly powerful you are when it comes to what your mind and body are capable of. One of my greatest passions and missions in life is to help reconnect people with the innate intelligence and natural ability of their body to heal itself, no matter what the symptom or the disease that it expresses. The potential is unlocked the minute we shift our focus inward, rather than outward, trying to look outside of ourselves for the “cure” or “remedy”. You are your own best healer! We just have to be reminded of this and taught how to get out of our own way to support the mind and body to do what they are naturally programmed to do — heal and thrive!

This is why films like this new documentary are so exciting because the more this information becomes available to people, the more we can be enabled and supported to take back our own health and wellbeing. You are not a victim of genetics, or chance, or circumstance, or any diagnosis. You are, however, what you believe yourself to be, and this is where we start to connect with, both, the source of the problem and the solution. Currently, most of us use our minds against ourselves; imagine if we channeled its power to positively create, support, and heal ourselves instead.

Therefore, one of the most important steps in our current human evolution is to learn how to work effectively with our minds via our thoughts and emotions. We are just beginning to tap into the incredible nature of our human potential and despite strong resistance from current medical and pharmaceutical industries that profit from disease, and often resistance from our very own Egos, the future is bright.

I invite you to watch the trailer of this film above, visit the film’s official website — Heal to learn more or view the film, which is available on iTunes and Amazon (below), as a DVD or rental.