You have no doubt at some point heard the statement – “It’s what’s inside that counts”. It has been used in anything from car and food commercials to song lyrics and poetry. It has been used to highlight the significance of various things and characteristics in our society, with the general meaning being that the inside matters more than the outside.

When it comes to applying this statement to ourselves and each human being, even there we can explore various applications for it. One of the most obvious is that our inner qualities matter more than our external qualities, or appearance. A yet deeper emotional application is that we can only get or give, what we have within to begin with. For example if we want love, we need to have love within us, otherwise love may come to us and we will not even recognize it for we do not have the “vibration” within that can recognize a similar frequency. Our society of course tries to teach us to attain things from the external. But we will never get from the outside what we do not have within, or are not capable of feeling, seeing, creating or living on the inside.

The above can be a large topic to explore on its own, but in this discussion, I wish to explore yet another way of seeing and understanding the statement “It’s What’s Inside That Counts”. From a perspective of inner versus outer wisdom.

Whether it be the year 2012 or 2012 BC, there is something universal and timeless that has not been mastered yet by the human beings on this planet. That being, seeing the self as the authority of the self, and trusting in one’s own guidance system rather than relying on external systems. There is perhaps no grander empowerment or fulfillment than stepping into our own shoes and being our own source of wisdom. There is perhaps no greater freedom than when we stop seeking answers from outside, and seek answers from within. For some people this may be nothing short of trivial or even backwards, but until we grasp and live this idea, we leave ourselves vulnerable to living life in someone else’s reality, based on someone else’s rules, truths, ideas and stories. And this in turn has various consequences for our life, ranging from acceptable to unbearable.

Looking Outside To Find What Is Hidden Inside

For millennia it seems, human beings relied on looking to others for answers. From the elders to the wise men; from the priests to the prophets; from the gurus to the psychics; from the doctors to the politicians. In essence this is how we start life on this planet, looking to our parents to have all the answers for us, about us, and about life in this world. We then transfer that authority to our teachers, religious and political leaders, just to name a few. But is this really how it should be? Will we always be dependent on others for answers? Is this somehow our human nature?

The answers to these questions are not a simple yes or no. They are quite complex and multifaceted to be understood properly, or applied for our most enlightened understanding. The basic pattern of our lives thus far has gone something like this…

During our early years, there is no doubt that the human being is very dependent on the guardians, and rightfully so. Out of all the animal species, not only are we born very helpless, but we take years—on average at least 18—to mature enough to be able to live independently of our caretakers. But during this long period of time something happens, or more accurately doesn’t happen while we are growing up. Instead of being taught to rely on ourselves, connect with our inner being, our spiritual self if you may, trust ourselves and seek answers from within, we are taught to keep looking outside of ourselves. As little children almost all of us are conditioned to believe that our parents know best, they have all the answers and they are always right. Furthermore, many of us are taught that the “God in the sky” is in charge of all, but we cannot have direct access to “him”, and so we need to listen to the “special” people on Earth who know what God wants us to know. If we get sick, we are taught to listen to our doctors, instead of listening to our body. If we get sad, we are taught any number of things to remove the unwanted emotion using external sources, rather than deal with it using internal guidance. And so the cycles go that when we become adults, most of us have no connection to, or trust in, our inner selves. We don’t even know we have an inner or higher self—our soul, or our spirit.

There is no truth except the truth that exists within you. Everything else is what someone is telling you.

Neale Donald Walsch

Thus it is not hard to see why our reliance on external sources for answers is so high. This is how most of us are brought up on this planet. And it would be one thing if we were exposed to various external sources as just “some” of the options for all that is possible. However, we are almost always indoctrinated and led to believe that there is only one certain way of seeing things. Look at our education system for example, kids are taught what to think, not how to think. The history presented to them is etched in stone for the most part, and given from a biased perspective as the truth. No matter what area of society we look at, this is a prevalent theme throughout: there are a selected few who have the answers, and those answers are how things are. This completely disconnects us from our inner guidance system that is capable of connecting to the infinite source of Universal wisdom.

What You Seek Is Within

At this point, I don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble but neither a priest, nor a psychic has all the answers for you, or about you. No one scientist, or author, or channel, or any sort of expert has all the answers, or the complete picture of any given topic. Each person merely has a piece of the puzzle, and it is up to us to put together our own puzzles. Yes, some have a broader understanding than others depending on their spiritual evolution or knowledge base, but always that data is still tainted by their personal translation of reality, not to mention limited by the confines of language. While many of us know this, many more do not, continuing to see others as sources of the answers they seek.

We have to remember that our brain and senses take information in from our environment, but this information needs to be translated. During the process of translation or decoding, numerous interpretations take place. This is why we can have 10 people see the exact same event and end up with 10 unique stories. Each may be similar, yet slightly to extremely different. The same goes for channeled information, which a lot of people rely on today as the source of answers especially when it comes to current Earth Changes. The differences in the stories are often vast, but they may each have a piece of the puzzle.

If we were able to absorb data or information telepathically, or energetically on a conscious level, it would all be a completely different story—a more accurate one for starters. While we do this on a subconscious level, it is of little benefit to most of us at this time as we do not yet have that ability developed on a conscious or collective level. Then there is always the issue of the Ego, which distorts data until a being masters themselves spiritually, or attains a more integrated state of being.

When we go seeking for answers about ourselves, or for ourselves, outside of ourselves, it is like learning the taste of a new food by getting your friend to eat it, or trying to buy a new outfit by getting your friend to try it on. Sure, you will get a general idea perhaps about the “topic” in question, but it is coming back to you through someone else’s filters, through someone else’s experience, not your own. It makes it all the more complicated when the subject matter is you. This means that what another shares may “fit” you well, somewhat or not at all. At this time, I don’t believe it can ever be identically experienced due to our unique nature while here in the physical.

Therefore, what I try to encourage and inspire all of us to do today is to finally step into your own shoes. Get to know YOU. Learn how to listen to your inner being, connect with it, and trust it. This is your most reliable source. This does not mean that you never ask for advice again, or close yourself off from the world. It is of course always valuable to get a second opinion or a different perspective from someone, this is where expansion comes from. But the core knowing must come from within you to be most accurate for you.

Ultimately, one of the most dangerous things we can ever do is think that someone else has the answers for us. Not your parents, not your spouse, not your spiritual teacher, not your doctor has all the answers for you or about you. YOU have to know what you want. YOU have to know what is working in your life, and what isn’t. YOU need to be in tune with your body to know what is wrong and what inner healing is needed to make it right. Don’t look outside for that which is within. As long as we look outside of ourselves for the answers, we will continue to give our power away. And as long as we do this, we will continue to get caught up in other people’s realities, with various degrees of suffering along the way because it is not the right fit. It is like trying to wear your friend’s shoes whose foot is two sizes smaller than yours. The discomfort is clear.

Let’s Get Practical: Applying Your Inner Wisdom

So what should you do? How do we turn this talk around and apply it on a practical level? This is especially important to consider today where stories and theories of what is happening on our planet or what may happen get passed around, and people are flocking to intuitives, healers, religious and spiritual teachers alike for the answers.

  1. First and foremost, know that whatever you hear from external sources is just ONE side of the story, or ONE piece of the puzzle. It is not THE truth, and definitely not YOUR truth, unless you experience it personally, or feel it, or live it within you. Our Universe and how life works is so grand, so infinite and so beyond our current comprehension or languages, that it is futile to think one person has the answers or can adequately express or explain things. Just think of one ant within its colony. While it can become an expert of its own colony, and perhaps the closest vicinity, it has no ability to grasp the totality of all that is on the entire planet that it lives on.

  2. Second, be very particular and conscious of what information you allow yourself to be subjected to. Most of us do not have enough mastery over our minds to prevent external information from influencing us or manipulating us into particular thoughts or behaviors. Therefore the easiest way not to allow what can be termed “harmful” information into your reality is to exercise your free will and choose wisely everything from your entertainment to your friends. More and more people today are recognizing this and refusing for example to watch mainstream news, or programming that depicts extreme negativity and violence, or having relationships with toxic people.

  3. Thirdly, nurture a relationship with your inner being. This will help you increase your intuition, trust yourself more and be a reliable source of information for yourself. We all have a radar within that can easily detect what resonates with us and what doesn’t; what feels right to us and what doesn’t. Although nurturing this relationship can be done through things like meditation, self-love exercises, expansion of your knowledge on different topics, consciousness expansion, present moment living and similar disciplines, the most powerful system lies within your emotions. Your emotions are your number one guidance system. In any given situation, whether facing a decision or simply hearing some story, ask yourself how you feel. The more you exercise this guidance system, the more precisely it works for you.

  4. Finally, if you do seek answers from outside of you remember to be very discerning. Whether it is an intuitive, a healer, some counsellor, or expert, do your research. Get to know who you are dealing with before you allow this person to become part of your energy field. Next, remember that each person has their own biased filters, and it is impossible to know each person’s filters. Some are bigger or more obvious than others, and none of the data shared is completely objective. The point is not to put any being on a pedestal as having something you do not, or as having all the answers for you, or about you, or our systems, or planet, or Universe. We each simply have pieces, and it is up to each one of us to put together the bigger picture for ourselves. The best criteria for determining a valuable external source of wisdom is to seek those who encourage questioning and do not claim to have all the answers for you, but rather empower you to find your own answers and come up with your own conclusions.

Ultimately, it is not about being skeptical of everything, but simply acknowledging that part of being in this human experience is for everyone to have an infinite capability of what they experience and how. This is actually one of my most favorite parts about having this human experience in that we can exercise the infinite potential of our imagination and creativity. My personal truth is that anything is possible. However, just because it is, does not mean that all expressions are compatible with my personal energy field or the experience I choose for myself.

Therefore choose wisely who and what you share your energy with, never forgetting that the biggest treasure, the greatest prophet, and the best aligned teacher for you is always waiting inside.