One thing appears to be prized more than all else by our human civilization today. It is not precious metals, nor is it money. It is the elusive, yet esteemed time. No matter how much or how little material wealth we have, most of us on this planet are constantly striving to amass more time. And while this tool can be of great value, there is one question we should each ask ourselves as we expand our conscious awareness of reality. Are we using the tool of time, or is it using us?

Our time-obsessed world treats time like some real structure, forgetting its illusory and culturally generated nature. Yes, there are natural, planetary, and universal cycles that appear to have guided civilizations for millennia as we know it. However, the 12-month calendar, the 7-day week, the hour, minute, and second are all made-up constructs that we have agreed to abide by.

As we progress in our human evolution, it appears that the “time” has come to transcend the limits of time. It is “time” to free ourselves, and no longer be slaves to this construct that was most probably put into place to help us, but which today has deeply enslaved us. This does not mean that we should no longer use the tool of time. It simply means that we need to see it for what it is and have it work with us, rather than against us.

Stepping Into ‘Age-Less-Ness’

There was a time when I cared about how old I was. It is all too common to want to be old when we are young, and young when we are old. Somehow we always seem to be caught up in those numbers that seem to dictate the state of our affairs. That is until we free ourselves. Today, at the odd time that someone asks me how old I am, I actually have to think about it as I stopped keeping track a few years back. It is not about avoiding or not wanting to deal with “the number”, rather it is about freedom.

In our society, some of the greatest stress for people comes from their strong association with time, most notably their time on this planet. There is still a common stereotype driving many of us that by our 30s like a woman we should be married with a child or two, and as a man, we should be holding a good position in our career. And while women tend to obsess about their age in their late 20s/early 30s and what should be checked off on their life list by then, men appear to go through a similar phase in their late 30’s/early40’s. But as with all things, numerous exceptions lay outside of the general norm, and some people never stop obsessing about their age. Allow me however to attempt to explain how futile this is.

For starters, on a practical and physical level, your age really is just a number. Anyone who has ever heard of biological age and calendar age knows that many of us in no way correctly depict what the common 25, or 35, or 55, or 85 is like. Our “true” or most accurate age is not dependent on a calendar, but mainly on how we take care of our physical vessel, and our state of mind. And besides, who decided what is a “normal” way to be at any age anyway? Okay, I know, I know when we look at our society overall there is a general consensus of what the body and life of someone in each of the decades of age look like. But let’s push those boundaries out, if only a bit. Let’s expand our consciousness further. The whole idea of how we even celebrate birthdays in most of our cultures today is the very cause of so much of our stress, to begin with. For starters, we celebrate by ingesting some of the most toxic food and drink substances that degrade our health and potential and call that a treat. This is far from taking care of our physical vessel, which if we really cared about staying “young” would be better reflected in our actions. Added to that, we have a strong focus on the number we are now supposed to be represented by. And heaven forbid if we are crossing over into a new “decade” of life. Then, depending on how happy you may be with your life, things are either tolerable or traumatic.

I know you may be thinking…..but you don’t understand, I should be “x” by now….or I should have a “y” or “z” by now….or I need to do this by the time I am “#” years of age. But should you really, or do you even really want to? We get so caught up in this game of life that we came here to play, that we have forgotten the very essence of the fun we are supposed to have along the way. This is not your first, nor your last experience in the physical incarnation. It is therefore a shame how much stress so many of us cause ourselves due to the illusory aspect of time that is tied to our age. Nothing is a must. Nothing has a real deadline. Yes, your body may change, and your mind may change as you progress through what feels like a linear reality, but this should never limit us from expressing our fullest potential. I know there are some things that at this time at least we cannot do, like have a baby at say 60 as a woman, or have the experience of being a grandfather at 20. But the question in each case should be, why would we even want to? The system has been set up in such a perfect state to offer us the most valuable set of experiences at any particular time. So often all of the should’s, have to’s or fleeting desires are nothing more than a wild mind at work trying to fit into society’s status quo template. When we step into the light of living from a state of purposeful and conscious awareness, we see that each moment presents us with just the right opportunity to do what is best for us in that very moment. The real problem is our lack of acceptance of what is, or what is best for us, not our age, or what we have or don’t have at any given time. Relieve yourself therefore of the stress associated with age, and step into a state of agelessness.

Agelessness In Action

Agelessness means moving through your physical incarnation with grace. You are the creator of your life, yes, there is no doubt about that. But until you learn to create consciously and from the heart, you will feel like you don’t have what you should and time is passing you by. Each moment gives us the opportunity of infinite potential at that moment, but often we waste it stuck in some future or past moment. Moving through each moment with grace, means being in awareness and accepting of the perfection of each moment for you.

Agelessness means knowing that you are always the right age for your soul’s purpose in that moment. It is never too late to find “the” great love, or a “best” friend, or the “right” job, or your life’s purpose. Each comes at the most perfect time for you and not a second too soon, or too late.

Agelessness means tapping into the infinite potential of all that is, and all that can be. Physical and material boundaries are nothing more than mere illusions that we allow to stand in our way. Each day amazing beings beat the odds of time as they embark on what calls them in that very moment, no matter what age they are. For example, at the age of 58, the inspirational Louise Hay started the internationally renowned Hay House publishing company. Today, she is in her late 80’s and continues thriving in her creative projects, living consciously, and with purpose. In fact, the number of people doing extraordinary things no matter what age is more than you can imagine. Whether it is skydiving on your 100th birthday or getting a college degree in your 90’s, you can do it, but only if you choose to do it.

Agelessness means that no number or limit can ever define who you are. In a society that is as equally obsessed with limitations, as it is with time, you can free yourself by releasing all that which is hindering you from expressing your fullest potential. Most of us live in a state of amnesia thinking that the costume (body) we have on now is the “only” one we ever had, or ever will, and this body, this life is all there is to us. Free yourself from such limiting constructs and know that you are so much grander than that.

Enjoying Timeless Freedom

So yes, whether you believe it yet or not, you are timeless. It may not always seem like that when we get caught up in the details of the physical world, but the truth is that no calendar age or amount of candles comes close to depicting the true essence of your being. Go ahead celebrate your birthday if you choose to, but make it a celebration of your eternal being, not a celebration of some limited state of mind.

And the next time you catch yourself saying that you are too old to wear “this”, or be “that”, or say “this”, or do “that”, or whatever the case may be, snap yourself back to present moment consciousness. Reflect on your choices of thoughts or words and only continue with them if you feel they are serving your infinite potential. Anytime you catch yourself thinking any limiting thoughts surrounding your age, or the time you think you have in this lifetime, try to step back and see things from a larger perspective—the perspective of your inner being, or soul, or spirit, or the source of all creation.

So have fun! Enjoy your present life experience, and do what calls you consciously and from the heart in any given moment. But always remember that you are timeless, and neither your birth, nor death, nor the illusion of time in between is a correct depiction of the eternal being that you are.