You woke up this morning in some location in the world, on some sort of bed. You may, or may not have a partner or kids to share your life with. You may, or may not have a job. Either way you may love or hate your life situation. You may feel you are in great health, or suffering from various ills. You may feel you have a supportive network of people in your life, or feel like you are alone in the world. You may feel rich, or you may feel poor. You may feel that things are going your way and you have all the right opportunities in life, or you may feel life is conspiring against you.

Do you ever stop and think how all this happened? How it all got created to this point?

How is it *THIS* is your life?

Who created it this way?

One of the topics I feel most passionate about is that of taking accountability for our lives because I know how much it is responsible for our level of inner peace, or inner turmoil. Four years ago when I started this site, one of the first articles I wrote was called Self-Alignment and Accountability for Maximum Satisfaction. I encourage you to read that article in addition to this one, as all that it shares is as applicable today as it was four years ago, and will give you a greater depth of perspective on this topic.

The reality for most is that when things go our way, we claim personal responsibility. However when things don’t go our way, most of us are quick to find some external source as the cause of our state of affairs. I know that for many of us who have embraced a conscious personal evolution journey, the above logic does not add up. But I also recognize that many in our world see no problem with it. After all as the thinking goes, I get to take the credit for the good things, but surely not the bad things for I would have never created those. And yet, the truth is we do. Of course, we can only recognize this when we become consciously aware of how the process of creation works. This is what we will further explore together below by examining the answers to the question – who is creating your life?

The Root of Creation

Since the beginning of historically recorded time as we know it, and for too many people in our society still today, the answer to “who is creating your life” is some outside force, most notably “God” or whatever people consider God to be. And who can blame us? For centuries, if not millennia, we have been conditioned that life is outside of our control, and that some “other” force is responsible for what happens to us and our world. And since religions were the dominant force for at least the past few thousand years, that “other” was God, as in the grumpy, old man upstairs. Numerous examples exist in each of our lives to prove this point. Whether we have a healthy or disabled baby; it’s God’s doing. Whether we have a prosperous year or storm destroy our farm; it’s God’s doing. Whether positive or negative, our human nature thus far has been to rely on an external creator, or source of power that controls our life. And so fear was instilled in each being, and became the foundation of life on Earth, as one never knew how this external force would act. It did not seem to matter if one was a “good” person or “bad” person, positive or negative things appeared to happen to both randomly.

For all this time, we did not understand how life creation takes place, and how events come to be. Today however, we are in the midst of a revolutionary consciousness awakening. What we were not able to grasp in the past, is now becoming understandable to us. We have discovered more pieces of the puzzle and are thus able to put together a larger view of life and reality. Thanks to the current spiritual and consciousness awakening on this planet, many people have moved out of religious fear-based paradigms to take more personal accountability for their lives. In fact many are recognizing the God source within each one of us, and the value of the phrase “we are God”. This is wonderful as humans are taking more responsibility for all of their thoughts, words and actions, realizing the inherent power we each have in the creation of our life. Consequently we have also developed a healthier view of God that spans anything from a loving being of light that is pure consciousness energy, to a Universal energy source of love that exists within each one of us – not a judgmental man in the sky.

The Fallacy of Blaming Others For Your Circumstances

Aside from “God”, many people in our world also credit others for the state of their life being as it is. Just think how many times you have stated something like “It’s because of *fill in name* that I am in this situation.” I think it is safe to say we have all been there at one time or another. And yet, when we understand that our thoughts – our mind – are the most powerful tool of creation, we begin to see that no other can ever have any control over us or the outcomes in our lives. Yes, people are free to do whatever they will, but ultimately YOU are in control of how you perceive or react to their words or actions. This is the core of your personal life creation power. We don’t want to, or need to change the other. We simply need to change ourselves or create ourselves as we would like ourselves to be.

Of course, this is not easy at first, but as with all things get easier with practice. It is much easier to blame the inconsiderate partner, or the traumatic childhood, or the fast-food restaurants, or the prejudiced boss for our lack of health or happiness. But there is no escaping that each and every moment we are creating our life. How we respond to our environment and all that is in it at each moment is shaping our life this very instant. There was a time in my life where I did not realize this and I suffered. We feel helpless, we feel life is not fair, fate is cruel, we feel the cards have been dealt against us, and all of this is nothing more than us giving our personal power of creation away.

Oddly enough, the one person or source that most of us are not yet used to giving credit for our complete life creation is us, ourselves. Why not? Well, let’s face it, it is tough on our Ego and our Ego does everything it can to make sure we go easy on it. It is too tough for many of us to face and accept that we are the ones creating all that is in our lives. It has become too easy to use external sources as the scapegoat.

Modern Day Life Creation Concerns

As positive as our revolutionary awakening is to gain back the power of personal life creation, there is another element that has surfaced at the same time. While many people have abandoned blaming external causes like God and others as the controlling sources of their life state, some have simply shifted the onus to something else. What is that something else? Anything from extraterrestrial life or other dimensional beings to the “Elite”. Due to the fact as I mentioned above, that the fear-based paradigm has been deeply ingrained in us, instead of releasing it in a move towards love and personal responsibility, some people today continue to give away their power and blame the state of their life on more “modern” outlets. This is especially evident today amidst the talk surrounding 2012, apocalyptic world scenarios, and the various levels of injustice in our world. For some people, therefore, the dialogue now goes like this: my house is being seized, it’s the world banks’ doing, or my health is suffering, it’s Big Pharma’s doing. And, I am not saying that there isn’t some truth in the above two examples, but the point is that our personal creative power is above and beyond all of it. We are the cause and we are the solution…of it all.

Believe me, I know, this is not always easy stuff to swallow and come to grips with. We have been so used to blaming others for the state of our lives that for some it is a hard habit to break and move beyond. Today in New Age circles one is not short on hearing how the state of our weather is because of HAARP, and the state of our money is because of the Elite, and the state of our inability to know the truth about ourselves is because of controlling alien races. Again don’t get me wrong, each of those things may have a very real role to play in the issues mentioned, this article is not about disputing or proving that. What I am trying to share is that it does not serve us to keep blaming something outside of ourselves for the state of anything. It is all us, and until we come to realize this and live it, we will continue to struggle and suffer in various ways. The only reason that any “negative forces” if we can say, ever got to creating the world as it is today, is because we gave our personal life creation power away, and the majority in our world are continuing to do it as we speak. Instead of getting back our personal life creation power, we dwell, complain, or pretend it doesn’t exist.

Ultimately, it is not about God, or your parents, or your coworkers, or the aliens. It is about YOU. Everything you perceive outside of you is inside of you. You, as the observer have a direct impact on what you create, or give life to. Your focus and attention are giving power to whatever you are giving your focus and attention to. This is powerful stuff that is not meant to scare us but make us more mindfully conscious.

Solutions To Embrace Your Personal Life Creation

Today I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am creating my life. My personal solution, or approach if you will, to living and creating it, is to focus on me. This is not at all meant to be a selfish stance, but on the contrary, I choose to live by being the change I wish to see. If pollution bothers me, I take steps in my life to live as chemical and waste-free as possible. If the monetary system bothers me, I take steps to liberate myself beyond its confines and not live like a slave to it. If world hunger bothers me, I make sure that I eat in the most sustainable way for all beings on Earth and not waste any food in my own household. If modern healthcare bothers me, I take preventative steps in all aspects of my life to not have to rely on it. All of these and more are just personal examples, and you need to take the steps that feel right for you based on the kind of world and life you wish to create. All I hope to do is inspire you to embrace your personal creative power because every single thought, word, and action we take matters—shaping our world, our reality, and our lives.

I have come to realize that I am directly responsible for anything that I have in my life by creating consciously in each moment. While I cannot control others and how they choose to impact my life, I can create how I choose to respond. This is not actually as hard as it seems. It just means that we need to be more mindful of each moment to act consciously, rather than keep reacting unconsciously. I know that each person’s life is ultimately unfolding as it needs to for their personal evolution, but it doesn’t hurt to know that we do not always have to learn through our own struggles or suffering. We can learn by integrating more conscious habits based on the observations of others too. After all, we are all in this together.

In this regard, the power and importance of solitude need to be highlighted here. This is a precious gift we can give ourselves, yet is all too rare in our times because we are constantly filling our minds with content from others. Making time to be with yourself, without any distractions, enhances not just how you ARE and the quality of your relationships, but it enhances how you THINK. It actually provides you with the ability to think critically, process your emotions, be conscious, and be discerning with the info that you are subjected to daily.

If we lose our capacity for solitude, our ability to be alone with ourselves, then we lose our very ability to think.

Hannah Ardent

The consequences of the lack of solitude in our world are evident all around. People are chronically confused and overwhelmed about who to believe or what to believe about anything and everything because they do not provide themselves with any time to think for themselves and take charge of their own lives. Most of us bounce around all day, from one idea to the next that presents itself to us via the people around us, social media, entertainment, etc. Things only start to make sense, clarity enters our life, timeless truths are accessed, and states of empowerment are reached when we make the conscious effort to nurture reflective and contemplative thinking in our lives, as part of some intentional solitude.

Practical Life Creation Applications

So to finish off, let’s focus on some more practical examples. Wherever you are in your life today, you got here based on the series of thoughts, choices, and decisions you have been making to this point. Many people say that none of us know the future. Well, to a large degree we actually do, depending on how consciously we are living. Every choice we make in the present is shaping our future. So if we overeat, or eat calorie-rich, nutrient-poor foods today, then we are creating a future based on weight and health issues. If we settle for some partner today because of pressure from friends or family, then we are creating a future based on a challenging relationship. If we are not nurturing our relationships to grow together, then we are creating a future based on growing apart. If we get into a career we don’t like just for the money, then we are creating a future based on a great degree of dissatisfaction. I am sure you get the point.

Therefore when it comes to making major life decisions that you know will impact you over a long period of time, take your time with them. Engage in some moments of stillness, get honest with yourself, journal, talk to supportive people in your life who can shed light on different perspectives, but most importantly envision the situation at hand and let your being tell you how it feels. Ultimately there are no mistakes, just easier or harder paths to the same place.

When it comes to the small, everyday choices and actions, know that nothing is irrelevant or to be taken for granted. Every single one of your thoughts is projecting a creative force. Have enough of a certain thought with emotion, and you bring that idea into reality. For best outcomes, align your mind with your heart. Do whatever your being is calling you to do to release yourself from fear-based and limiting belief patterns. Life creation is most in alignment with our soul’s purpose when it is done consciously and from the heart.

Finally, know that wherever you are today is the most perfect place for you. This does not mean you should stay there, it just means that where you are is part of your personal growth and evolution. If you are living with a great degree of inner peace and happiness, and like what you have created thus far in your life, keep doing more of whatever you have been doing. If there is some area that is causing you pain and suffering, start taking steps today to create these areas anew. The very first step is a change in perspective on whatever the situation at hand is. The next step is to immerse yourself in conscious life creation to benefit all your tomorrows to come, using the abundance of resources we have available in our world today.

We may not always know during our physical experience why things happen as, or when they do, but when we live life from a state of personal accountability we empower ourselves to know that nothing happens without some element of our personal creation and for the purpose of our evolution. As you take more accountability for all of who you are and all that you project to the Universe, you begin to see yourself as the powerful source of creation you are and create your life in alignment with your soul’s plan.

Happy creating!