Okay so you have been dreaming up all your desires, thinking positive thoughts, reading every book possible on the Law of Attraction and - and wondering the whole time where are your manifestations?!

Ever since the movie “The Secret” came out there has been a lot of hype with regards to the Law of Attraction. With the hype came a lot of ups and downs for many.

Maybe you are the one that has had it with all this talk about the Law of Attraction? Or perhaps you still have faith in it and are hanging in there as you get small glimpses of hope.

Wherever you are in your personal journey, remember that the Law of Attraction works always, no exceptions whether you believe it, know about it or practice it.

So then where are your manifestations? Well, that is what I am going to try to shed some light on for you today. In this article let us go on a journey and understand a little more why some of us have such a hard time manifesting our desires. And of course we are going to use some expertise from Abraham Hicks to facilitate our discussions along.

Get To Know Your Vibrational Vortex

By now, you are probably very familiar with the 3 step process of manifestation.

Step 1 – Ask (This is the easy part we do all the time)

Step 2 – Source Answers (This always happens without you needing to do a thing)

Step 3 – You Receive (This is the hard part where you actually have to be open to receiving)

It is always Step 3 that poses the greatest problem for most and is the reason why their manifestations do not take place the way they “think” they should.

In essence it sounds easy, right? Be open to receiving, I mean how hard can that be? But it is and most of us do not even know why.

Hence, in order to be on your way to manifesting all your desires, one of the first things that all of us have to get to know is the idea of the “vibrational vortex“. This is the greatest thing that can help you achieve your desires by truly being open to “receiving”.

First, let us put a visual into our minds. Imagine that the vibrational vortex looks like a tornado, except there is nothing to fear. It is simply a powerful and fast moving force that has its own particular vibration – and unless your vibration matches its, you have no way of accessing what is in the vibrational vortex.

So what is IN the vibrational vortex?

First of all, each one of us has our own personal vibrational vortex and it is filled with all your desires. Yes – can you imagine, anything and everything you have ever thought and desired is whirling around in their. The Universe or Source makes note of it all. Nothing is rejected and nothing is held back. If you thought it, if you desired it, then it is there.

Now before I go any further you may be wondering, how about those desires I wanted when I was a teenager (per se) and now no longer want, are they there too? Yes, but they will not become part of your experience. The reason for that is that you no longer give those thoughts any energy, and as the energy of a thought decreases, it picks up a different vibration, one that you would not align with and hence you don’t have to worry about anything you no longer want – as long as you do not give it any more thought.

Get Into Your Vibrational Vortex

So that is your vibrational vortex in a nutshell and now comes the fun part. In order for you to manifest, also known as “receive” anything that is in there, you have to align your energy, your frequency or simply put your vibration to that of your vortex. And how do you do this?

Well, the simple answer is – be who you truly are! That means align and be a vibrational match to the Source within you. And as you may already know, Source is love, kindness, compassion and all other similar things. Source or the Universe does not know anything negative. Feelings of disempowerment, stress, anger are foreign to it and as long as you vibrate at those frequencies in any area of your life, you have no way to get into your vibrational vortex because your frequencies don’t match.

If you still need a better explanation imagine it is like having a set of keys. I could have all the keys in the world, but unless I have the particular key to “my house” I cannot get into it. (Let us assume we cannot break in for the ease of the discussion.)

Hence, the easiest way to move into your vortex is to be the love that is your nature. Don’t just hope as Abraham Hicks says, but “move from hope to belief and feel invincible!” You are pure love, you can create and have all that you desire and by golly – you are worthy!

Now, for the more complex answer – how does one go from stress and worry to feeling pure love and bliss all the time? Well that is where you may say or be finding from personal experience that it is too big of a jump and thus too unrealistic for you to achieve. We all have conditioned in ourselves so much resistance to so many thoughts and situations.

With these kinds of mindsets, you should rightfully so go step by step to move into your vortex and not take a leap that may force you to fall and get discouraged and disappointed with yourself.

Remember the other side of the coin is that I do not necessarily have to be thinking negative thoughts, I may be thinking positive thoughts most of the time, but neglect the rest of the thoughts that hold with them a lot of resistance to a desire or anything else in life.

So start with small steps. Your first goal according to Abraham Hicks, should be to reach at any and every moment, of every given day, for the best feeling thought. That means that no matter where you are, there is always a better feeling thought, one step up that will bring you closer to match your vibrational escrow. (For Full Emotional Guidance Scale see Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires, pg 114)

For example, if you are angry, think thoughts that will move you to discouragement. If you are discouraged, think thoughts that will move you to a state of blame. These may sound negative to the average person and at first glance may make you feel like you are not getting anywhere, but in fact you will get where you need to go much faster if you go step by step then if you try to take unrealistic jumps.

Probably one of the most important pieces of advice that Abraham Hicks gives us here too, is to always remember that:

“The Universe is not bringing STUFF to YOU, but bringing YOU to IT.”

You need to keep in mind this important point at all times, because it is what I believe gave so many people the wrong idea about the Secret and the Law of Attraction. After watching the movie, many people acted and thought that they just need to ask for stuff and sit exactly where they are and the stuff would just “magically come to them.”

Well no wonder so many lost hope or belief in the Law of Attraction. At that rate you are going nowhere with it. Hence we have to really understand that in order to truly receive the manifestations that we are creating, we have to be open to receiving them by aligning ourselves with their frequencies. We don’t do this by staying in the miserable state that we are in.

I could sit around in my living room for 3 hours each day and think “I want a new car, I want a new car, I want a…” But if the rest of the day I spend in stress and worry and caught up in the usual drama of life, then that car is as far as I can possibly imagine it.

It is therefore not until you become a vibration to who you really are, and get into your own vibrational vortex that you begin to see your desires manifesting right before your eyes.

How Do I Know I Am In Vibration?

This is probably the easiest to answer. In order for you to know that you are a match to your vibrational vortex, you only have to look toward your feelings.

When we feel “bad” for whatever the reason may be, we are out of vibration with our vibrational escrow. When we feel “good”, we are getting our biggest clue that we are in vibration to who we really are and hence in vibration to our vortex of desires.

Now, how do we not feel bad is a topic for several articles of their own, but for now I will refer you back to the emotional scale of guidance. For example, if you lose your job, no one is expecting you to jump from despair to optimism; I mean you can if you are capable and well in control of your thoughts, but for the average person you simply need to move yourself along the scale, step by step toward better feeling thoughts. These will keep moving you forward and before you know it, you will see the loss of the job as the optimistic new opportunity that it is. Just delight in the doors that are going to open for you now!


It is therefore important to understand and perhaps just plain know that sitting around in your usual stress, worry or resistance based lifestyle will not manifest any new cars, partners, jobs or whatever your desires may be.

At this rate, you, like many others will probably lose hope in the Law of Attraction and feel it was just some fad or hoax that came out for the “naïve”. You will sink back into your usual routine, and be heard saying on a regular basis “Oh you know if it’s not one problem in life, then it is another.” (And you don’t think the Law of Attraction works…my goodness, listen to yourself!!!!)

How about if you are the one thinking the positive thoughts and don’t see your manifestations happening? Remember, it is all about how much resistance you are holding within.

Hence, let go of it all and allow your true self to shine through, for it is only then that we vibrate at frequencies that can grant us access into our vibrational vortex. It is only then that we can truly start enjoying all those desires that have been stored safely for us, until we were ready.

So get out there and be ready! Be ready to be who you truly are and through your creations, manifest all your desires.