Water – it is all around us and inside of us. We drink it in various forms each day. We wash with it each day. We play in it at times. However, rarely do we stop to consider and appreciate the magnificence of this substance.

I recently watched the film Water and it inspired and compelled me to share with you what I learned in this film. It is one of the latest and highly acclaimed documentaries to be released. It opens our minds to a whole new way of seeing and understanding water. I will share with you the latest research that has been done on water and the stunning results which we are just now beginning to comprehend.

Water is the driving force of all nature.

Leonardo da Vinci

Overview of the Film Water

Water was produced by Saida Medvedeva of Intention Media and released in 2008. It is currently being remastered for a re-release in January 2010. I actually had a chance to see it just before they removed the old version from the internet. Please note that there have been many movies over the past few years called water, so it should not be confused with certain Hollywood movies called “Water.”

This is a documentary about how human intentions not only change the structure of water but how our thoughts can alter our environment.

It features various international scientists, including the very famous water researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto.

The movie shows some stunning imagery of water in its various states, as well as in nature. It is narrated by Lex Lang. The movie has won numerous international awards to date.

Water Has Memory

When a chemist studies water, they know one thing for sure today – do not expect it to act according to the properties of other substances. One of the first fascinating things that captivated scientists about water are those unique properties of it. Water expands when cooled – all other substances on Earth do the opposite – they contract when cooled. This is just one example of how water is so unique as a chemical substance, and so beyond us.

However, nothing is perhaps more mind-bending than the fact that water has memory.

Try to process that for a moment – water actually has a memory. It has now been proven that water makes an imprint of everything that occurs around it. Imagine that for another moment more. Consider the ramifications of that. Where has the water that you drink come from? What did it go through? What has it seen?

As water flows, it acquires new properties, however not as you may think. Chemically yes it is H2O – its chemical properties remain unchanged – what changes is the structure of the water.

Looking back now at every lesson in chemistry I ever gave about water, I cannot help to feel a little sad, like I gave the water a huge disservice. From an early age, we learn and we teach that water is just H2O. Well, nothing can be further from the truth. Yes, water is H20, but how those molecules of H20 structure themselves makes all the difference in the world, where the quality and properties of water are concerned. The molecular structure is the alphabet of water.

We know today that the structure of water reacts to any irritation. Water is then capable of recording and storing information. If this isn’t blowing your mind yet, about what this means for us as both physical and spiritual beings, I don’t know what will.

Thus, what we are ultimately getting at is that there is a huge difference, on many levels, between structured and unstructured water. Now, how we change that structure is where things get even more interesting.

The Power of Emotions

If you are aware of yourself as a spiritual being, then you also know about the power of emotions. Emotions are not only the language of our soul, but they are also the most powerful form of energy. You attract into your life the things you do, based on your emotions. This flows into the fact, that emotions thus have the power to change molecules – water is one of them.

According to Dr. Masaru Emoto, love increases water’s energy levels and aggression decreases them. This has been observed in various experiments, both in the lab and in nature. Crops grown with structured water need 20% less water and germinate faster and grow better, than crops on regular water.

So how does all this impact us?

In the past, human civilizations only existed around natural sources of water. Today, we have brought water to us through various pipes and pumps. We all know that water is cleaned best by nature itself, not by any man-made filter. Well in this cleansing, water also restructures itself. Phase transition (from solid to liquid, etc.) is water’s way of natural cleansing, through which it preserves its basic structure for life.

In our modern world, water travels through many pipes to get to us, and in some cases through a completely closed-loop system, where it never gets to interact with the natural environment. Through this travel, the natural structure of water breaks down. Water like this, has been shown to actually steal energy from people or plants using it.

Think about it. When your water comes to you in your tap, it has traveled through many, various dark pipes. It has come from a treatment facility. Most people still have a hard time believing that the water in their toilet, is the same water in their tap, or even worse than the water from a toilet could next be in some one’s tap.

So as water takes on this journey, it takes in everything. Some people are aware of all the pharmaceuticals in the water, chemicals or heavy metals, but what research is now showing is that water takes on so much more than that. What about the water that traveled through homes of extreme violence or abuse? What about the water that traveled through the factory farms?

The less time water has a chance to cleanse itself in nature, and the more tightly a system uses a closed-loop system, the more the quality of the water drops. Water remembers the trauma, chemicals, hatred, and stress. It is almost “dead” by the time it enters your body.

Now I know in our society we have been very much conditioned to value “living things” (though some people don’t even do that), and not give inanimate objects like rocks, water or the air much attention, so it may sound odd to some of you to think of water as dead.

So what does all this really mean to us?

How a person approaches the water, actually makes a big difference in the quality of water. A person can bless water or completely ignore it. Dr. Emoto did studies on the water that was blessed, cursed, and ignored and the findings were incredible!

When we apply the power of our intention or emotion upon the water, we actually change its structure. This can explain a lot of things like the idea of “holy water” in religions or even one of the famous Bible stories if you are familiar with where Jesus changes water into wine or walks on water. Do not underestimate the power of your intention.

Nothing shall be impossible, to he who believes.

from “Water” the movie, 2008

The Impact of Water on You

The average person takes in about 2.5 liters of water each day through various sources. So you can bet that water plays a huge impact on your life and you. Nowhere in the world is water the same, and the water structure in each person’s body is actually connected to the original place where they were born.

One of the tests that scientists carried out to prove some of these ideas, was to test some water in a part of Venezuela that is literally untouched by man. The water there is called virgin water. Scientists knew at this point that the greater the energy of something, the greater it shines. Well, upon testing this virgin water it was found that it was not just 2 or 3 times more energetic than our regular tap water – it was 40, 000 times more active!

So the first question to ask yourself is, what kind of water are you drinking each day?

Bottled water is considered completely dead water. Not only that, most of it has been proven by various agencies to be inferior to regular tap water. Hence it is a big waste of money, not to mention ecological disaster.

Tap water had to travel to you through so much trauma, not to mention the chemical quality of it is far from desirable. More and more people today are installing high-quality filters in their homes to reduce the chemical load in the water. But this does nothing for the spiritual or energetic quality of water. Others are getting more and more resourceful by getting their drinking water from the original source – nature. You can look at findaspring.com to locate a spring near you if you live anywhere in North America.

Although most of us cannot tell the difference between tap and spring water (real spring), studies with animals show a dog, for example, will always drink water from a bowl of spring water, not tap if given the choice. One can see how much more in tune with the natural energy they are through an experiment like this.

Ultimately, no matter where your water comes from, but especially if it is not straight from nature, pause for a moment, look at it and bless it. That alone may make more of a difference than you can ever imagine.

The next question to ask yourself is, what is your relationship with water?

Do you see it for the amazing life force that it is, or merely as a substance that keeps you alive? Are you grateful for it? Do you bless it? Do you show it, love?

Do you realize that water has a direct effect on your brain? According to Dr. Emoto, when we assimilate the water of our society, it can change our behavior. A few experiments have been conducted in various parts of the world as to crime outbreaks, etc. The correlation is astounding. Most crimes are committed where people curse most often.

A prayer pronounced with love changes the structure of water. Music changes the structure of water – beautiful music like classical, increases its energy; whereas aggressive like heavy rock, decreases its energy. Thoughts, emotions, images - all can change the structure of water, in one direction or another.

The Power of Intention and Your Thoughts

Imagine what all this means for you inside. After all, you are over 70% water. It is not only the structure of the water that can change before it comes in, but it changes within you as well.

Imagine what our behavior – our thoughts and words do to each other. As one of Dr. Emoto’s experiments proved, aside from aggressive behavior, the other worst-case scenario is indifference. How do you treat those around you? How do you treat your children? How many times do you ignore the little ones, when they seek your attention the most?

A person with negative thoughts pollutes his own water and gives their body a negative charge, or the water of another. This even works over distance as proven in several experiments.

Ultimately your thoughts, your intentions have the power to do things that you may not even be aware of yet. This does not mean that these things are not happening.

Therefore, consider giving the water in your life a little extra conscious attention – whether it be a prayer, a thought or emotion. Prayer – no matter what form it takes – only requires faith to work and with this intention, it is capable of changing the structure of water – and you.

And if you think that all the results that the scientists got, or any people all around the world get from prayer is just a “coincidence” – consider this thought:

Coincidence – is a way people use to escape any responsibility.

from “Water” the movie, 2008

The Future of Water

Many of us know today, as do scientists who understand systems theory, that our thoughts have a huge influence on our environment.

Less than 1% of the water in the world is fresh water. Our population has expanded rapidly to test the limits of the Earth today. We are facing a water crisis, and depending on where you live you may be feeling this less or more.

We do know today, that were it not for human destruction of the environment, there could have been enough clean water for everyone. Instead, more than a billion people today don’t have access to fresh water. People are bracing for a future oil crisis, but do not understand the impact of the water crisis upon this planet and its inhabitants.

For me personally, how we have treated our environment, is nothing less than an example of human madness to dump toxic waste into the same water that we drink. But through our collective consciousness today, we have the choice to change things around. We can begin helping water heal, just with our thoughts and how we treat it.

Everything starts and ends with water. Ultimately we know today, thanks to the various researchers what word cleanses water the most. It is actually not one but two: love and gratitude.

If you do nothing more, than love ALL of the water on this planet and in your life, and offer your gratitude for it, you are changing the world more than you can ever perhaps imagine.

Whatever you take from this, whatever you choose to do or not do, I hope at least it has expanded your view of the nature of our reality a little more.

I leave you with a reflection of a photo and fragment of verse 78 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu:

Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as water. Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible, nothing can surpass it.

The soft overcomes the hard; the gentle overcomes the rigid. Everyone knows this is true, but few can put it into practice.

Lao Tzu – Tao Te Ching