EBTV with host Evita Ochel and returning guest Tom Campbell in a dialogue about the nature of love, what it really means and how to apply it.

Tom’s Trilogy Book — My Big TOE

Topics covered in the video include:

  1. An explanation of love from an MBT / LCS perspective. (2:25)

    • difference between love vs. need
    • understanding unconditional love
    • how to optimize or destroy the simulation system
    • the destructive potential of grouping together
    • how fear relates to love
    • fear-based tendencies (13:39)
    • love-based tendencies (15:05)
    • qualities of a love-based life (18:35)
    • qualities of a fear-based life (18:57)
    • being love vs. acting out love
  2. The energy signature and frequency of love in a simulation. (25:29)

    • what is Ego and its role in love and fear
    • how beliefs sabotage new insight
    • fear creates Ego and beliefs
    • how to identify Ego
    • the 5-step process for becoming love
    • the antidote to fear
    • the role of observation
    • the struggles we face as humans: “a struggle of fear and ignorance, against love and understanding.”
  3. Is love a building block or by-product of the simulation? (44:00)

    • an explanation of information and entropy
    • how to maintain low entropy
    • the fundamental nature of love
    • how the system allows us to grow into love (51:56)
    • the importance of choices in the process of growing up
    • what is the most important thing to do to save the world (56:08)
  4. Does living based on “other” instead of “self” allow people nearest to us to treat us “poorly” and should we still love them for doing so? (58:23)

    • seek low entropy choices for the system as a whole
    • abusive relationships = high entropy situations
    • being a person of love = more power
    • how being a pacifist ties in
    • the challenge of practicing discernment (1:13:13)
    • morality and the importance of intent in making the right choice
    • the importance of taking action even if we are not sure if it is the right choice
    • applications to romantic partnerships; will males get walked all over if they are loving (1:21:44)
  5. How to deal with opposing views, especially regarding current politics. (1:24:14)

    • strategies for handling difficult or negative topics
    • letting go of Ego, fear and beliefs
    • we need to deal with what is; how we deal with it is what matters

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