EBTV’s Conscious Connection with Evita Ochel, talking about the background and origins of EBTV, mission, guests, content, audience and New Year’s message.

Video chapters and topics covered include:

Part 1: EBTV Origins (00:27:25)

  • how EBTV got started
  • purpose of EBTV
  • intended audience
  • channel and video stats

    Part 2: EBTV Guests (7:34)

  • a look at past and present guests
  • top 5 guests of EBTV
  • how guests get picked/where they come from (9:42)
  • retirement of the guest interview series (11:57)

Part 3: EBTV Content & Future Outlook (17:26)

  • info about the New Earth Living series
  • info about Evita’s channel Healthytarian
  • does the channel make money
  • plans for first quarter of new year

Part 4: EBTV Audience (20:51)

  • a thank you to the audience

Part 5: New Year Message (22:54)

  • themes for 2016
  • themes for 2017
  • new year wishes and closing (25:24)

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