EBTV with host Evita Ochel and returning guest Tom Campbell in a dialogue about the consequences of life in a virtual reality.

Tom’s Trilogy Book — My Big TOE

Specific topics covered include:

  1. How life in a virtual reality or simulation is different from virtual reality in video games. (1:39)

    • how a simulation evolves
    • the birth of choices
    • if this is a simulation, is it real? (9:33)
    • does it matter what happens in this reality (game)? (10:46)
    • our mission here
    • understanding entropy (12:48)
    • big picture vs smaller picture point of it all
    • being here by choice
    • everything matters
  2. Is the simulation system set up for us to succeed or fail? (24:09)

    • the nature of the system
    • parenting example and our array of choices
    • the role of free will
    • why we don’t have past life memories
    • why we have fear and beliefs (30:08)
    • the system gives you what you need, just as you need it
    • the difficulties are our growing points
  3. If it is all virtual (information), why does it matter what substances we put into our bodies (certain foods, drugs, toxins, etc.)? (38:17)

    • how being healthy or ill changes our virtual potential
    • paying attention to our everyday choices
    • learning how to co-exist and deal with challenging parts of simulation
    • high entropy vs. low entropy diet
    • the value of constraints
  4. The role of nocebo; to what degree can we overcome things that are “bad”. (47:18)

    • how to know what is good and bad
    • how entropy of choices compares to intent for choices
    • exploring morality
  5. Other examples of misconceptions of life in a virtual reality. (54:26)

    • judging others based on self; attributing our behavior to others
    • the importance of taking people at face value
    • how to improve relationships (58:59)
    • too hard / too scary to take action (1:00:10)
    • overcoming challenges
    • self-created misery
  6. Closing Words. (1:05:43)

    • Tom’s words: “Wherever you are right now is exactly the right place for you to begin the rest of your life.”
    • Tom’s MBT forum (1:08:25)

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