EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with guest Alan Reed, speaking about geomancy and the energies of the Earth, at the Grail Springs Retreat & Spa.

Alan Reed is a practising Druid. As an Alchemist he has obtained the message of the elements and for over 20 years he has assisted individuals and Corporations to create sacred space in Time. As a consultant he educates people how to sequester the buzz of the modern day - ways to reduce the Terrestrial incoherency of the unconscious disruption of Nature’s order. Offering many services, his real passion is the regeneration of the natural order - utilizing the Mineral kingdom in stabilizing - calming ways. Alan currently does not have a website, to contact Alan for info regarding his services, email Alan: geomantics01@yahoo.ca

Specific topics covered in the video include:

  1. A definition of geomancy. (1:14)

    • the connection of geomancy to druidry
  2. How does geomancy help us understand and connect with the Earth. (2:20)

    • the role of the mineral serpentine
    • the ribboned energy found throughout the Universe
  3. How to understand the role and potential of the stones/rocks/minerals. (4:20)

    • the significance of the pyramid shape
    • solutions for making our urban areas more in alignment with our human needs
  4. An explanation of negative and positive energies (ions) in nature. (7:45)

    • the significance of the nitrogen molecules in nature
    • why we feel good in nature
    • the importance of the North and wetlands for learning about nature
    • reference to the book “Your Brain on Nature”
  5. How we as human beings can heal on a physical, mental and emotional level by integrating with the Earth’s energies. (10:50)

    • healing the Earth, to heal ourselves (ex: remineralizing the soil)
    • the role of minerals in nature for the health and wellbeing of species
  6. How to protect ourselves from EMF energies that disrupt health and wellbeing. (13:48)

    • tips for our home and how to handle electronics, cell phones, etc.
    • solutions for practical applications
    • the potential of Shungite mineral
    • AC vs DC power implications
  7. What a typical day involves for Alan in practicing geomancy. (17:15)

    • moving from incoherent to coherent frequencies