The power of ideas that change the world around us is increasing and the rate at which they are influencing us is accelerating day by day.

Our collective reality is shifting on an unprecedented scale whether we are aware of it or not.

Questions have to be asked sooner or later:

What is the relationship between our ideas and the future of the world?

How much do we know about how ideas operate in our physical world?

Where do they come from?” and “Where are they leading us?

An idea is a relationship

We have many preconceived notions of what an idea is. Most commonly we think of ideas as that a-ha! moment where we can project our imagination onto the world and plan a desired outcome of some sort.

I would like to talk about another view on ideas – the view that ideas are not static thoughts or realizations but dynamic and continuous relationships between consciousnesses.

To begin with, ideas come out of an antagonistic and dialectic relationship of a ‘yin and yang‘ sort. They always seem to breakthrough out of a problem – out of conflicting states such as between the past and the future, old and new, constraint and freedom or individual and transcendent states of consciousness. Very often, ideas are the resolution to that conflict and tension.

Ideas predate us and evade us

Another commonly shared view on ideas is that they belong to us. They live in our heads.

It may sound a bit odd, but I think that some ideas potentially exist before us and outside of us.

I also believe that our consciousness exists on different dimensions of reality besides the three dimensional reality we physically experience. Moreover, it is not only human consciousness but other highly evolved forms of consciousnesses and group consciousness as well which we cannot perceive through normal channels of perception.

Sometimes these consciousnesses interact with ours at some dimension or level of reality and implicit information is passed on. We call this insight, intuition, channeling, inspiration or simply ideas.

The web of ideas

Ideas influence other ideas. They are memes that spread out and move wherever there is a meaningful interaction between consciousnesses, whether human or other higher forms of consciousness.

It is in this sense that I see some ideas as having an almost independent existence. The pattern of information exists at one time in some consciousness but it moves wherever there is reception from another consciousness. This is something which was common knowledge in ancient shamanic or mystic traditions. It is only now, through the fancy of modern theoretical Physics that we are slowly realizing how much of our reality is deeply interdependent.

In short, we don’t always come up with ideas but we tap into a universal ‘web of ideas’. These ideas are transpersonal since they do not belong to anyone yet belong to everyone at the same time. The web of ideas can be likened to the Internet where information is freely and virtually available to anyone who is connected to the net.

Small ideas that change the world

If you look at the history of the world from a people-oriented point of view, you will see a strong relationship between ideas and change. The world’s biggest changes can be mapped against a timeline of great ideas and inventions that shaped the course of Human history. Not just Scientific and technological ideas but political, cultural, ideological and others.

But it is not only the big ideas that made the world go round. Those ideas that made history have been strongly influential but are certainly not the only ones that brought about change. The fact is that all ideas have an effect in this world in a cumulative way whether small or big.

Societies, especially modern ones, are made of largely interconnected communities of people that are driven by ideas. The continuous interaction between individuals enables the communication and flow of these ideas. As I have mentioned before, ideas arise and flow through a relationship between consciousnesses.

Our responsibility as agents of change

The way I see it, is that we are agents of change. The historical path of the world has been shaped and influenced by higher forces or consciousnesses transmitting ideas usually through subconscious channels such as intuition.

Whenever we materialize ideas through a decision, we are shaping our path and our fate. And since we are so interconnected and influence each other through our interactions, we are also shaping the path and fate of our world by exchanging these ideas.

We are part of the grid and our individual actions have a cumulative effect on the world as a collective. This is our responsibility we are still learning.

Conscious participation in the future of the world

With each paradigm shift in history, we are opening ourselves more to ideas since more ideas breakthrough when there is a conflicting relationship between old and new models of reality.

We are going through another global shift and in many ways we are becoming more perceptible and sensitive to ideas – we are becoming more connected to the web. Our view on reality is changing and we are more in tune with our true purpose on both an individual and collective level.

The more ideas come in and the more we are receptive to them, the more the shift will happen rapidly and the more people will start consciously participating in the fate of the world. It’s a virtuous circle.

We can make that change happen today

This is a crucial time for we are at the crossroads between old models of reality and new worldviews that are opening up richer possibilities before our eyes.

I see this time as being characterized by more people becoming aware that they can be conscious participants in their own lives instead of passively living their lives through subconscious compulsions just like sleepwalkers.

I see this time as the slow but steady realization that we can have more say in our destiny and effectively in the collective future of humanity instead of being controlled and manipulated by highly established power structures.

I also see this time as being a very fertile land for new ideas because by becoming more conscious in our own lives and by shedding our blinkers of the past, we become more connected to the universal web of ideas. As some would have it, we will follow an exponential curve in the evolution of consciousness, science, technology, culture, and beyond.

Just know that you are part of this revolution. No, there were no invitations. You just happened to be living in this time :) The more you are conscious of the immense power you have to make new possibilities happen, the sooner you can make that change happen today.

About the Author

Gilbert Ross is the author of the blog Soul Hiker where he writes about personal development, the path to inner change, mindfulness, and consciousness. Gilbert holds the view that we are on the brink of an unprecedented global shift in technology, culture, and spirituality. He strongly believes that our present time is an opportunity for big positive leaps both personally and collectively. He has also achieved a Master’s in Philosophy of Science, which is another subject he is passionate about. One of his main interests is studying the structure and evolution of knowledge at the individual, social and cyber levels.