One of the oldest and most common entities to almost any group or culture throughout the ages has been that of the entities known as angels.

While some people give lots of attention to the angels in their life, others merely acknowledge them as a sort of fairytale presence.

Whatever your beliefs are, I do not think we can dismiss that there are some sort of spiritual helping hands always available to us, whenever we should so need.

Some people call these entities guardian angels, guides, soul helpers, or just plain spirits. Whatever you call them, if you invite these entities of love and light into your life, you can guarantee tranquillity and an increased sense of peace and well-being in your life.

As I continue to increase my own spiritual journey and get more in tune with my inner being, I have found myself drawn back to the angels that I have for a long time now dismissed in my life, as childhood fantasies. Hence today I want to share with you a few insightful ideas where the light and love of angels is concerned.

Always With You

At this point in my journey, I am not yet ready to express clearly who or what angels are exactly and what the details of their existence is. What I am sure of is of their presence. I am now sure more than ever that angels do exist. I cannot give you any concrete proof, I can only tell you that in my experience I have often felt their presence, even when I did not give them any attention. I have felt their presence especially strongly in the past couple of years and am currently drawn to expanding my awareness of them and learning more about their connection and purpose in our lives.

When I was reading one of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books, he quoted a very special line from “A Course in Miracles”. I then came across the same line upon reading A Course in Miracles and it has strongly resonated with me ever since:

If you knew who walks beside you on this path that you have chosen, fear would be impossible.

A Course in Miracles

Thus, at this point I may not know everything I need to or want to know about angels, but I do know and am sure of their presence in my own and everyone else’s life. Some of us are just very disconnected from the spiritual help in our life. No surprise there, as some of us are not even aware of our own spiritual presence.

Recently I have also read another piece that confirms this to me more than ever, which was written by intuitive healer and Reiki Master, Unity of Spirit Awakes:

When you open your world to angels, silence is magic, loneliness is none-existent and the world speaks in every moment.

Unity of Spirit Awakes

Words like that make me think of all those people who insist on engaging in shallow or meaningless relationships, ones that are proven over and over not to serve their being or their souls. Our society by nature is set up for noise, drama and negativity. There are so many should’s and shouldn’ts that most of us do not even know who we are anymore, let alone who we are deep down at our essence. So many seek love and friendship in so many places and people that lead to the stunt, instead of the growth of their inner being.

But imagine, it does not have to be this way. If we could find ways to turn off the noise and get in touch with who we really are and our inner being, we could find unimaginable peace and tranquillity among so many other things. If we could just get away from it all, perhaps with a little bit of meditation even for just a little bit each day, we could tap into an area of ourselves that most are not even aware exists. It is in that place that things like loneliness, fear, anger, anxiety and just all negativity dissolve. Imagine a life like that!

Hence know that no matter what you think, what you believe, the angels are always there with you and for you. Know that they are there whenever you need and whenever you are ready to call upon them and accept their loving light and guidance.

Free Will Above All Else

A lot of people doubt the existence of angels for 2 reasons that I have found. One group feels they are just nice, safe stories to tell kids to make them feel better but does not acknowledge their real presence in their own adult life. The other group however is even more interesting, they do not believe in angels for they claim that IF angels were “real”, they would really “guard” us and be there for us to help us through anything we need, thus we would never get hurt, go through pain, be in trouble, etc.

Let us focus on the second group of doubters as there is a very important universal element missing in that way of thinking. This element is none other than that of free will.

Free will is the basic human – both physical and spiritual virtue. This cannot be taken away from us by anyone. Yes, I know many people’s free will is forcefully taken away while here in the physical in certain parts of the world, but even that is a choice at a deeper level of analysis. What does not change, even despite the physical limitations is the free will of the spirit.

Thus to understand how angels work and how they help us, we first have to understand that they can never take away or infringe upon our own free will. Remember we are creators or our own reality, thus an angel or a guide can only help you when asked or called upon to do so. You cannot ever expect them to just jump in and save you from that car accident, from that bully or from that wrong relationship. Remember these are all items of your own creations – as hard as that may be for some to understand. However, as long as we go through life mainly unconscious, we will be creating and attracting all that we want and all that we do not.

No matter what, it would just defeat the purpose for angels to “rescue” us from every situation that we think is “bad”. As spiritual beings, of pure love and light, you cannot expect them to judge you or your situations as “good” or “bad”. Every situation has the potential to be one of great learning and great inspiration. Thus if you ever find yourself in need of help, perhaps your creations were unconscious and you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, have faith and call upon your angel(s) for some help or guidance. Just be sure to be open and listen, for their help and guidance comes in various ways and sometimes not once we would expect, thus we always have to be open to receiving their help just as we are open to asking for it.

Infinite Wisdom

Lastly the one other thing that I have discovered and am sure of about angels up to this point is that they are one of the greatest sources of wisdom available to us.

Angels are connected to Source in a pure loving way at all times. We are too, but we have the physical dimension between us that hinders us from seeing and feeling that most of the time. Hence we have to remember that if we are not ready or able to connect directly to Source, we do have a spiritual connection of infinite wisdom through our angels and guides.

This is why any good spiritual book, organization, author or guru will at some point tell you that you do not need to listen to them or anyone else. You do not need to have anyone else tell you who you are, what is right for you or what you should believe – you have all of the wisdom you need within you. One of the hardest things however for many of us is to believe is just that. It is funny but we find it easier to believe someone else’s truth rather than our own.

This is thus, just one other area where allowing yourself to connect to angels can offer you a deeper connection to your inner self and to Source. Angels have held the wisdom of Source for eons and that wisdom and guidance is always available to those who seek it.

How will you know what is the truth? Your inner being will tell you. You just need to turn on your intuition just a little to feel and know within you what is the truth – both the truth for you and the Universal truth.

Thus I invite you to open yourself up a little deeper, spend some time in silence, perhaps alone, perhaps in nature or perhaps in meditation and increase your connection to your angels. Get to know them and all the wisdom, love and light they hold and want to share with you any time you are ready and willing. It is a gift, an energy that can only bring you good things and enhance your life in ways you may have never imagined.

If you feel the interest and call within you to pursue learning more from the angels, I invite you to read and examine some of Ronna Herman’s work. Ronna channels the Archangel Michael and you can read some of these amazing messages of love, light and wisdom from the Spirit Library, in order that you too can be brought to remember your purpose and path as you go through this life.

If you feel the interest and call within you to learn more about the angels themselves and how you can better connect with them, consider Doreen Virtue’s work who is currently probably one of the most influential and trusted sources for her work with angels.