At this present time on our planet, many things are happening that are leaving many people in various emotional states. Some are liberating themselves through various awakenings, and thus experiencing the greatest joys they have ever known. Some are confused and distraught for they are not sure what is happening inside of them and outside in their world. Others yet are feeling increasing anger as they focus on the physical manifestations before them and start seeing the illusions they held as truths dissolving. Others yet are continuing with life as if nothing was happening, refusing to look deeper within, and decrease their dependency on the Ego.

Over the past few years, various extremes have been felt throughout the world. We are going through tumultuous changes both on a personal and global scale. Amidst the many events, a major event that offered us a chance of awakening and a chance to think brand new was the oil spill of April 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico.

As containment, clean-up and some sort of order were taking place many people were not sure what to make of the whole situation. As collective efforts were underway, many succumbed to feelings of the hopelessness of how any of us can really make a difference in a world where large organizations seem to dictate the state of affairs. As some began the finger-pointing at who was to blame, others tried to understand how they fit into the bigger picture to take accountability. My friends, we may not be working for BP, but we are all responsible for this – we are all in this together – and we can all create a positive and healing solution. To help us engage in positive solution sharing, I will share with you below three sources to consider on your path to think brand new about events like this.

A Message From a Loving and Highly Conscious Being

When the oil spill first occurred, I literally gave it no attention. In fact, I don’t even think I knew about it for a few days or so, as I do not follow daily news. This was not as a reaction of blocking it out or pretending it does not exist, but about keeping my energies balanced and my vibration high to actually be able to help where it mattered. We can all easily get pulled down a spiral of low vibration energies when it comes to events like this. From anger towards the supposed perpetrators to sadness, grief, despair and more for the wildlife, mother nature and the innocent people affected.

Whether this resonates with you or not, to me the event just was. It did not need a label or be given negative energy, as that only takes away focus and solutions of the healing response. Up until very recently, I did not read one news report about the incident. Sure I knew that there was extreme devastation, but in this case, focusing on those details was not going to make me a better person. I only need to look at the lake we live on and see the oil smears along the water’s edge some days to know that this is so much closer to home than many of us realize.

I then read an article from Tess Marshall of the Bold Life on this topic – Oil Spill: Taking Personal Responsibility. It was the best thing I could have asked to hear and read where this event and others like it are concerned! What Tess outlined and shared, speaks greatly of her deep wisdom, love, inner divinity, and spiritual maturity. She inspires us to think in a brand new way. She is an exceptional example of a light-worker in action.

I invite you to read Tess’ piece on the oil spill and allow it to open your heart and mind to a new way of thinking – a way that is full of hope, love, and healing that starts with you. It is the ultimate solution.

A Message From the Dolphins and Whales

Shortly after reading Tess’ article, I came across the following video, which strongly resonated with me and I wanted to share it also with you here. This video opens us up to letting our hearts hear the other side of the story – the unheard side of the animals affected. May you allow your heart to open to hear what they have to say:

A Message From Archangel Gabriel

As I began to attract more sources of love, light, and healing about this situation, I was introduced to the site Children of Light, thanks to a wonderful friend. As I explored the site, which features channeled material from Archangel Gabriel, I was drawn to the article on the oil spill. If channeled material resonates with you, I invite you to read the entire Message from Gabriel on the 2010 Oil Spill. I will briefly share below what stood out the most for me from that message.

If you are asking, what is the purpose of the oil spill? Here is a possible answer:

On a divine level, it is there to show you the ripple effect of single actions, particularly choices you make that interfere with the environment. That environment is at a crisis level in many ways on the planet at this time, based on your cumulative choices.

Archangel Gabriel, channeled by Robert Baker

As for solutions – we need not feel useless that we cannot fly out to the Gulf to save the wildlife or help restore the balance. We need not feel hopeless that things are too “big” or “too much” for us to handle:

Ultimately, everything that is taking place is serving the good. It always is, in that it all teaches you. It is all there to teach you about life and about yourself. However, until you pay attention, more extreme ways to get your attention are required.

Archangel Gabriel, channeled by Robert Baker

And I leave you with the following closing from Archangel Gabriel, which is a question that we should all ask ourselves:

How do I need to learn to take responsibility for the freedom of choice that I have been acting upon unconsciously?


Accountability, oneness, and solutions based on love. Three different messages, one uniting answer.

As you hear and feel the changes in the world, as you read this, some of you will choose to take action today and make new choices and choose new thoughts. Some of you will choose to change nothing, perhaps due to feeling overwhelmed or due to not seeing the problems as ones that are directly connected to you. Let’s face it, change is often inconvenient in our lives because it requires us to make different choices than the ones we have been used to.

Ultimately, there is no wrong path, as we will all get to where we need to be eventually. It is just a matter of how much will we suffer in the process of trying to figure out what the most effective and necessary actions are for us to take individually and collectively. The evolution of each soul is a personal process and only you know if you are ready to embrace a new way of life in this moment.