EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with special guest metaphysics expert and author Rebecca Lynne.

In this episode, Rebecca presents a metaphysical/quantum science interpretation of the book of Genesis in the Bible. General topics discussed include: God, creation, life, death, evolution, consciousness, ascension, energy, duality, soul, science, and various aspects of spirituality.

Rebecca has been a Metaphysical Teacher in the Unity Movement since 1975. Known for her exceptional metaphysical insight of the Bible, The Ancient Mysteries, worldwide religions and philosophies, she has been a teacher, counsellor and workshop presenter. She is also the author of the book: THE SECRET TRIANGLE OF LIFE DEATH AND EVOLUTION.

Key topic areas covered in the video are as follows:

  • An introduction to Rebecca’s work regarding the Bible (1:00)
  • Rebecca’s awakening and personal journey in acting as a bridge between science and religion, and the discovery of seeing the Bible as written in symbols (2:50)
  • What Rebecca means when she says that God only created a triangle (6:40)
  • What Rebecca means through the word and concept of God (9:15)
  • The power of the mind and how the Creation Story of Genesis is teaching us to create and be creators (13:30)
  • How Rebecca has found a personal truth and helps us find our truth (20:00)
  • How does Rebecca account for Bible translations and errors to have an accurate interpretation (23:40)
  • What is a soul (27:45)
  • How Rebecca helps people understand that death does not exist (29:00)
  • How our consciousness (view) of life shapes our reality (31:40)
  • What Rebecca means by the statement “Consciousness is the only reality” (34:20)
  • What Rebecca means through the concept of Ascension (39:10)
  • A discussion of our evolution through dimensions (41:30)
  • A discussion of the ages, from the Age of Gemini to the Age of Aquarius (44:40)
  • A discussion on loosening the grip on our identify to be broader beings (48:00)
  • What are next steps that can we take to expand our consciousness and further our evolution (51:10)
  • Concluding statements about heart-centered living (57:00)