EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with featured guest Tom Campbell in a dialogue about Tom’s work My Big TOE (theory of everything) to help understand the nature of our reality.

Topics covered include:

  • further exploration of what it means to live in a virtual reality
  • the possibility of breaking the rule set of reality
  • the role of free will
  • the role of personal responsibility
  • how the mind can change reality
  • the potential of prayer
  • the ego’s influence on reality
  • implications of positive thinking vs negative thinking
  • how we can change the world – collective reality
  • what is the purpose of life
  • what is the purpose of a virtual reality
  • the role of evolution in a digital information system
  • the role of interaction and relationships for evolution
  • how the rules of a virtual reality system relate to our evolution
  • the role of love and fear in evolution
  • feedback in a virtual reality system
  • reincarnation and role of death
  • the limitations of beliefs with regards to evolution
  • explanation of entropy and its importance for our evolution
  • what makes us more powerful people
  • an explanation of decision space and what influences it
  • entropy in relationship to personal decision space
  • understanding the potential and limitations of the Law of Attraction
  • the value of intent

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My Big TOE trilogy by Tom Campbell