EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with featured guest Lise Bourbeau in a dialogue about the mind-body connection with respect to health and disease.

Lise Bourbeau is a mind-body expert, a specialist in the metaphysical causes of ailments and illnesses, a teacher and author of over 20 bestsellers, including Your Body’s Telling You: Love Yourself! In 1984 she founded the ‘Ecoute Ton Corps’ (Listen to your body) School that provides personal and professional workshops, training and practical tools for self-understanding and healing. Over the past 30 years, Lise has developed a unique system for attaining physical, emotional and mental well-being, called the “Listen to Your Body” technique. The school offers teachings in 20 countries and 9 languages.

General topics covered in the video include:

  1. How Lise discovered the mind-body connection in her life and how it led to her current path. (2:32)

    • connections to belief systems
    • connections to personal behavior
  2. What some of our greatest misconceptions and misunderstandings about disease are. (11:32)

    • the role of our Ego in disease creation
    • the role of energetic attraction
  3. Why understanding disease on a metaphysical level is not the same as psychosomatic disease. (15:50)

  4. The most common thinking, emotion and belief systems that can generate disease. (18:00)

    • the 5 wounds at the root of our imbalances
    • the emotional roots of cancer
  5. Understanding the metaphysical meaning of back pain. (22:48)

  6. Understanding the metaphysical meaning of contagious diseases, like the common cold. (31:17)

  7. The importance of listening to our body, and its symptoms, rather than trying to ignore or subside them. (34:20)

    • the role of consciousness in understanding our body’s language
    • the importance of mindful observation
    • the importance of full acceptance
  8. How to be empowered by understanding our body and mind, rather than fearful. (41:44)

  9. Closing words for cultivating happiness and a higher quality of life. (44:07)

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