EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with metaphysics expert and author Rebecca Lynne

In this episode, Rebecca presents a metaphysical interpretation of the event known as Christmas, how it relates to ancient stories and mysteries, including the Bible. The discussion also includes an overview of the importance and potential of the current changes on our planet, specifically the events surrounding December 21, 2012.

Rebecca has been a Metaphysical Teacher in the Unity Movement since 1975. Known for her exceptional metaphysical insight of the Bible, The Ancient Mysteries, worldwide religions and philosophies, she has been a teacher, counselor and workshop presenter. She is also the author of the book The Secret Triangle: Of Life, Death, And Evolution.

Key topic areas covered in the video are as follows:

  • What is the light that is often referred to in spiritual dialogues? (3:10)
  • Where does this light come from? (5:17)
  • What the connection is between the light and “The Secret Triangle of Life, Death, and Evolution”? (6:00)
  • How the Ancient Mystery Teachings relate to the message of Christmas (8:45)
  • Rebecca shares stories of symbolism that deal with Greek mythology and Genesis (8:50)
  • What is the Plan for humanity based on ancient stories? (13:35)
  • How do the Ancient Mysteries of Egypt tie into the symbolism of Christmas? (18:00)
  • Rebecca tells the story of Isis, Osiris, and Horus from Egypt that is similar to the Christian Christmas story (18:12)
  • Uses of symbolism in the Bible of the Sun, animals, the Zodiac, the ark, etc. (21:40)
  • An explanation of how the Bible reveals an orderly sequence of events, and connection to Zodiac ages, and the cosmic clock (25:30)
  • The significance of numbers in these stories, like 12 and 7 (32:50)
  • How do the ancient stories and symbolism tie into the events of December 21, 2012? (35:40)
  • Rebecca shares current scientific research regarding astronomy, the changes on our planet and in our galaxy (42:25)
  • What timelines is the human race facing with respect to the changes on our planet and within us to live from a more enlightened state of being (45:54)
  • An understanding of what it means for the “world to end” (48:00)
  • Is there to be an alignment of planets in the Milky Way (52:00)
  • What is the plan for humanity (54:55)
  • What should we remember regardless of any event (56:30)
  • How we can approach the Christmas season in a more luminous and evolved manner (59:00)
  • Understanding the laws of the cosmos and spirituality (1:04:45)