EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with featured guest Dr. Gail Brenner in a dialogue about understanding the self-help movement, and effectively liberating ourselves from suffering.

Topics covered in the video episode:

  1. Gail shares about her personal journey of overcoming suffering. (1:00)

  2. Understanding the self-help movement: what it is and how it functions. (4:20)

  3. Downfall of getting caught up in the constant seeking of self-help, via books, teachers, retreats, etc. (6:05)

  4. Exploring the idea of “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”. Gail shares how suffering is not the ultimate reality, and asks us to consider: If we don’t have to suffer, why do we? (9:00)

  5. How and why we set ourselves up for frustration, disappointment, and suffering on a regular basis in our lives. (12:20)

  6. Exploring our mistaken identity. (15:45)

    “…caught in the collective trance of mistaken identify that divides and separates, we’re trained to inhabit a mind-created reality.” ~ Dr. Gail Brenner

  7. The role of emotions in the creation of our suffering and liberation beyond it. (18:40)

  8. Discovering how we resist our thoughts and emotions. (21:47)

  9. Exploring the cycle of self-sabotage. (24:35)

    “And when you don’t find that wholeness, you eat, drink, get high, text, and stay ridiculously busy - anything for some momentary relief from your troubled emotions.” ~ Dr. Gail Brenner

  10. How to lessen the grip on our identities/attachments that cause suffering. “You must be willing to question everything and to lose all you hold dear.” ~ Dr. Gail Brenner (28:00)

  11. The role of acceptance in liberation from suffering and wholeness of being. (32:20)

  12. The role of attention in liberation from suffering and wholeness of being. (37:10)

    “Each time your attention rests as awareness, you stop interfering with the flow of life.” ~ Dr. Gail Brenner

  13. The role of awareness in liberation from suffering and wholeness of being. (41:00)

  14. Advice for parents/guardians who are shaping the lives of new beings. (44:10)

  15. Advice for spiritual and self-help seekers. (47:02)

  16. Closing words from Dr. Gail Brenner. (48:56)

    “The realization of your true nature ends self-help or personal development.” ~ Dr. Gail Brenner

  17. How to work personally with Dr. Gail Brenner. (51:25)

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