Since the start of 2010, I have been going through a major life change, with the move from a typical, urban lifestyle to a simpler, more natural lifestyle.

The learning opportunities that have presented themselves during this journey, have been incredible teachers. Thus today I would like to share a few of them with you, as they may just change your life when it comes to helping you choose between having a desired outcome now, or having internal peace always.

The New Journey

Back in January of 2010, as the new year ushered in, a new energy was born, that drove my husband and I to partake on a new journey. By the end of March we had sold our house within 1 day, and by April of 2010, we sold one of two cars, and all of our major furniture items, including our television. We were embarking on a whole new adventure and having left our jobs in 2009 facilitated all this perfectly.

We left behind the city life, to move to a simpler and more natural way of life. We felt nature tugging at our heartstrings. We heard the call of Mother Nature. Watching nature shows on television was to be replaced by watching nature in real life. Grocery trips for fresh produce, would be minimized as we would be growing some of our own food. The morning commute would be replaced by morning yoga and meditations. Afternoon rush hour, would be replaced by who could rush into the lake the fastest. And evenings of thinking about the next day, would become reflection periods while gazing at the sky of stars.

The Elusive 3 Weeks

The construction of our home up here amidst the trees and the water, officially began at the end of April. We were told the construction would take 2 to 3 months. We were thrilled with that kind of progress, something one can only get I would imagine when building in a small town and so we put out positive intentions for a smooth process.

The end of June marked the 2 month mark. At the start of July, it was hinted 3 weeks more – we were happy. In the middle of July, we were told 3 weeks more – we were happy. It is the end of July and we are still at “3 weeks more” and we are still happy. Or are we?

It is in this part of the journey thus far, that the most learning opportunities have presented themselves. In fact, I could make a list of at least “50 consciousness expanding things I learned during the construction of our home“… but perhaps another time.

Every Moment Counts

In the grand scheme of things, being a month or so behind during new home construction is not a big deal. I totally get that, and we are super grateful to have this home built as fast as it is going. But it is not about that.

Sure we are somewhat homeless and itch a little inside to get settled, but it is not about that either. We have a warm house waiting for us, so many others in our world don’t. Sure we are excited to start our new life, but we are quickly reminded that life is happening right now. We have already started.

What I have learned, during this part of the journey goes much deeper of when the house will actually be finished or where we live, for we truly believe a home is where we are both together, not the actual structure. The real lessons are about what I am shaping within myself, how I am choosing to create, vibrate and act each moment as this journey unfolds, and what I am prepaving for future moments. Every moment counts, when it comes to the vibration or frequency we are sending out to the Universe.

As various moments unfold along this journey, whether it be a delay of some kind or unexpected event, I get to declare who I am and what I want in my life. I can react to what is, or I can choose to consciously act. One can create turmoil within, the other internal peace.

Attaching Our Heart For Internal Peace

I recently wrote a guest article for Positive Provocations entitled “ Detaching Your Mind, Attaching Your Heart“, where I explained a few of the ways we get attached to outcomes and generate negative emotion.

When we have something we are anticipating and get excited about, whether it is a planned trip, finishing a project or meeting someone at a specific time, it is only natural that we attach emotion and normally with that, an expectation.

So what happens when that expectation does not get fulfilled?

Well, we can question our ability as conscious creators. (Yes, I have done that this month.) We can question things like the Law of Attraction and what went astray in our thinking pattern. (I have done that too.) Or as medium and healer Simon Hay teaches, we can understand that we are not always in control.

Moments are flowing through us, just as we are flowing through them. This does not mean that I abandon personal accountability and conscious creation, but just as I explained in the article I wrote on Positive Provocations, we allow some space and clarity to enter into our thoughts, and work with the flow of creation, not against it.

Even in the best of conscious times, our Egos can take us down a path, where we feel we are in control, only to find ourselves diving into and out of, or flat out spiralling down a vortex of negative emotion.

In the end, whether you are building a house or planning a trip or any other event that you may be super excited about, you have choices along the entire way of how much you want to be right, versus how much you want internal peace.


So did I stay happy the whole time this month, as I learned that the house closing was being pushed further and further away? No I did not. I had succumbed to a few moments where I did not allow myself to see the bigger picture. I am grateful though that at this point of my journey, moments like that pass through me very quickly and I am back on a conscious path of creation and allowing in no time.

Life gives us many opportunities where we can choose to sulk, feel sorry for ourselves, act like victims or what have you. We can also find many things to get angry at, or people to get angry with, disappointed and let down by.

But in the end, we are only hurting ourselves.

And so I asked myself the following question several times throughout this month:

Do I choose to declare myself with the frequency of internal turmoil, or do I choose the frequency of internal peace?

I chose internal peace, for I know that the house will get done eventually and everything really is perfect in the moment of now. There are always greater forces at play for all involved, that we may not always be aware of in the moment.

We may not always be happy about an outcome, but we can always have internal peace. It is all up to each of us.