EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with featured guest Steve Taylor in a dialogue about the awakening experience based on Steve’s work in the fields of spirituality and psychology, and his book Waking from Sleep: Why Awakening Experiences Occur and How to Make Them Permanent.

Topic video chapters:

  1. Steve’s journey of awakening and its influence on his work. (1:13)

  2. The nature of everyday consciousness—state of sleep that we need to awaken from. (3:50)

  3. Living from an awakened, conscious state versus conditioned, unconscious state. (7:20)

  4. How awakened experiences tell us our normal view of the world is false and contradict modern science. (10:03)

    “The biggest mistake we can make-which most of us do make-is to believe that the view of the world that our normal psyche creates is true.” ~ Steve Taylor

  5. The nature of the awakening experience/process. (12:56)

  6. How the awakening experience relates to the purpose and meaning of life. (15:25)

    “The human condition is not bleak and miserable, but joyful and meaningful.” ~ Steve Taylor

  7. The role of the Ego in the awakening experience. (20:24)

  8. Who gets to have awakening experiences, how and when. (26:05)

  9. How to shift from temporary or isolated awakening experiences to living from a permanent awakened state. (35:45)

  10. The collective benefits of personal awakening experiences. (41:10)

  11. The societal challenges of awakening experiences, acceptance and open dialogue. (44:15)

  12. Advice for working through discords/challenges in the midst of awakening experiences. (49:18)

  13. Closing words on the awakening experience. (54:50)

    “No matter how messy and frustrating life can be, no matter how much trouble there is in the world, in some way all of that is just on the surface. Below the surface the whole universe is gently vibrating with warm radiance and is filled with harmony.” ~ Steve Taylor

  14. About Steve’s new book: The Calm Center. (57:25)

  15. Steve’s contact and upcoming events. (1:00:00)

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