EBTV with host Evita Ochel and featured guest Scott Beringer in a dialogue about Scott’s book Target Aquarius and how to understand the nature of this life experience and decode the school of duality.

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Topics covered in the video episode include:

  1. Scott shares about his story of awakening. (1:08)

  2. Scott shares about his book “Target Aquarius”, in which he decodes our world based on numbers, names, movies, commercials, gospels, etc.(11:50)

    • the role and value of numerology
    • 11 as the number of duality; 7-11 school
    • our reality and life experience as a school
    • this life as “the ultimate school for young gods in training”
    • the role of polarity / duality
  3. What is the purpose of life and why we forget between lifetimes. 20:23

    • Scott explains his message:

      “Life is not what you have been led to believe it is… ….this life is a computer-programmed holographic projection for our development, and your knowledge of the big picture has been withheld in this projected life for a very good reason.”

    • lessons from the Wizard of OZ
    • the process of growing up in the school of duality
  4. What is the purpose of the Ego and how it works. (26:50)

    • Scott’s message:

      “What the Ego desires is usually in conflict with what the spirit needs.”

    • soul as consciousness / spirit as the vessel
    • Ego as self-aware aspect of the Self
    • the value of learning through adversary
    • the meaning of recurring events/messages in our life
  5. The feedback system within the school of duality. (33:00)

    • what the “light” and “dark” really is
    • ethereal vs. material; polar nature of reality
    • what you demonize is what you deal in every day
    • the importance of honoring our spiritual agenda
    • the enslaving nature of (material) addictions
    • Scott’s release of meat and dairy; animal cruelty awareness
    • Scott’s message: “eating meat lowers vibration”, not eating meat increases your frequency
    • Scott’s message:

      “Leading an undisciplined life guarantees you stay in ego.”

  6. The pollution in the school of duality; what we do to ourselves, we do to the Earth. (45:16)

    • Scott’s message:

      “There is an absolute correlation between the pollution we introduce into our bodies, and the pollution introduced into the body that we are cells of, Mother Earth”

    • Scott’s message:

      “It is far easier to complain about chemtrails and factory smoke stacks, as you smoke, or water pollution, as you drink all manners of poisons, or landfills as you stuff yourself with junk food, or stay horrified and bitter at the torture and total lack of respect endured by animals as you eat your bacon.”

    • the holographic nature of our reality; what we do internally is reflected externally
  7. The control mechanism in the school of duality. (50:33)

    • Scott’s message:

      “The enemy and the liberator are one and the same…everything you see around you, quite literally is you.”

    • how control works here and how it is connected to the “dark” (evil)
    • how the US electoral system differs for people in the city
    • how the illusion of separation that keeps us divided impacts us
    • the move from competition to cooperation
    • Scott’s message:

      “It is all You, as they have no real power over you.”

  8. Current shift of timelines from the Iron Age to the Bronze Age. (58:25)

    • Scott’s message: this is the time to “step away from indulgence, evil, cruelty and indifference” and learn “humility, love and empathy” where heart is all that matters
    • how we live our life determines which timeline we will be on
    • current times reflect frequency differences more intensely
    • the importance of living based on your spiritual agenda; speaking and living your truth, not trying to change others
    • Scott’s message:

      “You must get “You” right and then “it” follows.” (1:07:10)

  9. Scott’s closing words. (1:09:04)

  • releasing judgements and addictions

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