EBTV presents host Evita Ochel and returning guest Dimitri Halley in a dialogue about the systems of indoctrination and how these impact our thoughts, beliefs and reality.

Past episodes with Dimitri:

  1. Facing the Shadow to Liberate from the Illusion

  2. Journey to Self Through the Language and Meaning of Dreams

  3. Exploring Collective Dreams and Shared Dreaming

Topic chapters of video:

  1. Introduction to Dimitri’s work; Dimitri shares about his education and work at his center Dimitri Halley Center for Self Development. (2:00)

  2. What does indoctrination mean and how does it impact our life. (5:22)

  3. Indoctrination via the Institution of Education. (10:46)

    “The education system has lost all sense of what it itself thought it was supposed to be.” ~ Dimitri Halley

  4. Can parents/communities change the education system. (17:38)

  5. Indoctrination via the Institution of Religion. (20:08)

  6. Indoctrination via the Institution of Science. (30:38)

    “This is why scientific knowledge is so deadly: it is based on insignificant detail — studying characteristics of things (the outside/phenomenon), never the things inside (spirit). Detail always locks us out of core.” ~ Dimitri Halley

  7. The role of philosophy and art in relation to science. (39:56)

  8. The stripping of our own authority via the systems (for example: via modern medicine). (48:00)

  9. Indoctrination via the Institution of Law. (53:36)

  10. Indoctrination via the Institution of Media. (1:01:32)

  11. Practical next steps: what can we each do? (1:08:30)

  12. Dimitri’s writing, services, and contact info. (1:13:20)

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