EBTV presents host Evita Ochel and returning guest Dimitri Halley in a dialogue about the systems of indoctrination and how these impact our thoughts, beliefs, and reality. Why do we think as we do? Where do our ideas come from? Who is creating our reality? What is the ultimate solution for effective change in these areas? These questions are more are discussed in this episode.

Past episodes with Dimitri:

  1. Facing the Shadow to Liberate from the Illusion

  2. Journey to Self Through the Language and Meaning of Dreams

  3. Exploring Collective Dreams and Shared Dreaming

Topic chapters of video:

  1. Introduction to Dimitri’s work; Dimitri shares about his education and work at his center Dimitri Halley Center for Self Development. (2:00)

  2. What does indoctrination mean and how does it impact our life. (5:22)

  3. Indoctrination via the Institution of Education. (10:46)

    “The education system has lost all sense of what it itself thought it was supposed to be.” ~ Dimitri Halley

  4. Can parents/communities change the education system. (17:38)

  5. Indoctrination via the Institution of Religion. (20:08)

  6. Indoctrination via the Institution of Science. (30:38)

    “This is why scientific knowledge is so deadly: it is based on insignificant detail — studying characteristics of things (the outside/phenomenon), never the things inside (spirit). Detail always locks us out of core.” ~ Dimitri Halley

  7. The role of philosophy and art in relation to science. (39:56)

  8. The stripping of our own authority via the systems (for example: via modern medicine). (48:00)

  9. Indoctrination via the Institution of Law. (53:36)

  10. Indoctrination via the Institution of Media. (1:01:32)

  11. Practical next steps: what can we each do? (1:08:30)

  12. Dimitri’s writing, services, and contact info. (1:13:20)

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