Being involved with the online community to a large extent for several years now, I have had a chance to meet some incredible people. Beings who have inspired me, uplifted me, and whom I greatly admire. And while I have had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing beings, there is one person, in my immediate life offline, who has inspired and moved me like no other. The actions of generosity, compassion, and unconditional love, in every aspect of life, by my husband, truly humble me to know him.

It is not only his generosity either that is so admirable, but his ability to flow the energy of abundance through him so well. When people use affirmations like I am an infinite vessel of abundance – he really lives by exemplifying those words. Whether with or without a job, he does it especially well too, when it comes to money – an object that most of us do not have an easy way of parting with, especially when it comes to giving it away to complete strangers.

A Subway Meal To Remember

We were once at a spiritual conference, and during lunchtime with a limited variety of food choices available so my husband ran out to the nearby Subway to get us 2 veggie subs.

In front of him was a teenage girl buying her lunch. Her two friends had already paid for their meals, and it was her turn to pay. The cashier told her that she did not have enough money and her card was being declined.

He was standing there observing that neither her friends nor the cashier were budging to solve her dilemma. He offered to pay for her lunch. She tried to refuse politely, but he just lovingly said, You need to eat. Don’t let this stop you from eating the sandwich. Go join your friends and enjoy your lunch. The young girl turned to him and in a consciously present way said Thank you. You didn’t have to do that, but thank you for doing so.

A Way Back Home

One rainy evening, while he was standing in line to pay for his parking spot at a parking machine outdoors, my husband noticed a young man, who appeared very troubled approaching people nearby in the parking lot. He appeared frantic pacing from one side of the parking lot to the other.

He observed most people react with fear, and move away from him, not even responding to his request with an answer. At this point, he walked up to him and gently asked what was the matter. The young man appeared startled to have been approached and almost through tears, explained how he was at a concert, his friends left him, and he needed to find some money to get on a highway bus back home, which was over an hour away. He had few coins to make up just over seven dollars.

He was able to calm the young man down, told him to take a deep breath, and pulled out his wallet. He pulled out a twenty-dollar bill and said this should be sufficient to get you back home and perhaps get yourself some food too.

The young man, still with tears in his eyes, and a shocked expression thanked him several times and ran off towards the bus terminal.

Only Thirty-Six Cents More

Being in the midst of the city, there is never a shortage of needy people. The difference is that some of us see them and some of us don’t. My husband was walking to deposit the first cheque he got in 3 months when he was approached by a man about his age with a young girl. The man looked as if he had been working excessive hours in a garage or similar setting.

With a kind smile, the man explained that they were just in need of thirty-six cents more to get on the subway. My husband never carries change but he checked his pockets anyway, and said, No sorry, but… before he could continue the man replied, no problem, thank you anyway for looking.

At this point my husband continued to open up his wallet and call out to the man, but, I do have this twenty dollar bill that you can have. The man couldn’t believe it; bowed halfway and leaped forward not knowing if he should hug him or not. As he did that, my husband simply replied I am glad I could help. The man thanked him many times, and with a glowing smile walked away.

Unconditional Abundance Through Generosity

These three stories are just but three in about a dozen examples of the opportunities my husband has had and the generosity he acts with. He always makes me ask myself, can it really be that easy? And every time the answer is a resounding YES!

All too often we make giving to others, especially when it comes to money all too complicated. We start wondering things like what will they use it for? and are they really genuine or just trying to con us? and the list goes on and on. Most importantly all too often, we can barely part with some spare change or a dollar or two… let alone larger amounts.

I used to also think, why him? or how is he not afraid even to interact with these people? After all we have all heard of stories that start out like the examples above and end very differently. But he is not afraid, and that is never part of his thoughts. He knows what he has pre-paved and what he is attracting in the present moment.

I honestly have never been in any such situation, aside from passing the typical homeless person on the street. He, on the other hand, seems to be a magnet for such situations. Is it because he exemplifies unconditional generosity so well? I don’t know.

Is it perhaps because he attracts opportunities to declare his compassionate abundance? Is it to be an example to some of these people that we can still be human to each other? Or is it perhaps to inspire and teach me, to think less and act more with my heart, especially when it comes to giving monetarily. To him, it is all just an energy exchange.

I think it is all of those things.

Whatever the intentions are of these people, he never questions. He never thinks in these moments. He doesn’t judge. He just gives and acts from his heart. He doesn’t do it for recognition, or to look or feel better. He does it because he is a reflection of love in action, and to know him, is to see that without a shadow of a doubt.

Acting On What We Know

I know it is not our business to judge what that person really needs that money for. Our Ego, on the other hand, tells us otherwise. It is time to put away the critical thinking and open our hearts to a person in need. We have to keep in mind that the majority of people would not ask or be begging if they thought they had another choice.

So many of us act from fear and are critical of seeing homeless people per se, begging for money on the street. Most of us walk by hoping that we don’t make eye contact. We detach ourselves from seeing fellow human beings, as ourselves and then feel helpless over the hungry children in Africa. But there are ways to help all around us.

When it comes to my husband, don’t get me wrong, he does not give to every homeless person he sees. But he knows clearly, when the opportunity was perfectly created for him, to demonstrate the highest version of who he is and who he can be. And that is enough to inspire me, to give more freely without thinking.

Act on what you know. Don’t let your mind talk you out of it. Don’t let your fear pull you away from it.

Naturally, there is a time to be smart and cautious, but the more that you act on your intuition fearlessly, the more your intuition will serve you to live from your highest potential always.