EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with featured guest Dr. Bruce Berkowsky in a dialogue about spiritual phytoessencing for deep spiritual healing and wellbeing.

Video chapters by topic:

  1. Dr. Berkowsky’s work and journey into working with holistic healing and essential oils. (0:55)

  2. The difference and healing approach of modern versus classical naturopathy. (9:52)

  3. How life energy works (chi, prana, vital force, etc.) and how it influences health, disease and our whole being wellness. (16:50)

  4. The nature of spiritual health and wellbeing: how to reconcile the Soul and Ego, and reconnect with Spirit. (25:32)

  5. Practical applications of spiritual phytoessencing: what can it heal? what can it balance? how to work with it? (33:00)

  6. Practical applications of spiritual phytoessencing: do all essential oils work the same? how to pick the right quality of essential oils? (38:00)

  7. Practical applications of spiritual phytoessencing: how to know which blend to choose? how to identify our archetypes? (46:17)

  8. How to learn about spiritual phytoessencing in more depth for personal healing, balancing, and spiritual wellbeing: Dr. Bruce Berkwosky shares about his courses. (52:56)

  1. Green medicine with Dr. Larry Malerba
  2. Superhealing the Mind-Body-Spirit with Dr. Elaine Ferguson

  3. The Metaphysical Nature of Disease with Lise Bourbeau

  4. The Mind-Body Connection with Maureen Minnehan Jones

  5. Healing Fear & Anxiety with Dr. Friedemann Schaub

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