EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with special guest Dr. Will Tuttle, in a dialogue that examines Dr. Tuttle’s work in his book The World Peace Diet and the implications of our herding culture on all aspects of our life.

Dr. Will Tuttle is an educator, author, and composer, who has lectured and performed widely throughout North America and Europe. He has a doctorate degree from the University of California, Berkeley focused on educating intuition and altruism in adults, and is a Dharma Master in the Zen tradition who is devoted to cultural healing and awakening. He is also the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book The World Peace Diet. For more information about his work, visit: World Peace Diet

Topics covered in the video episode include:

  1. Dr. Tuttle provides a summary of his work and book “The World Peace Diet”. (2:00)

  2. What a herding culture is and its consequences on our lives. (5:15)

    • the consequences of commodification of living beings
    • the transmission of values through meals within cultures
  3. The implications of our domination-based society and our connection to nature. (8:45)

    • our past partnership with nature
    • the roots of our violence-based society
  4. How the denial in our culture about our food choices is our greatest collective shadow. (15:05)

    • the nature of denial and our shadow
    • why we are really eating animal foods
  5. How we are reducing our own intelligence, by denying the animal intelligence. (21:15)

    • understanding singular and collective intelligence
    • the loss of our intelligence through lack of connections and denial
    • the consequences of being well adjusted to a sick society
    • the reawakening of our intelligence through Sophia
  6. The disconnect between our food choices and spiritual evolution within our spiritual and religious groups/beliefs. (27:55)

    • the consequences of primordial conditioning
    • the necessity to cultivate appropriate spiritual maturity
    • the infantile society effects
  7. How the acts of violence on our planet (war, rape, slavery, etc.) are reflecting to us the effects of our eating choices. (34:05)

    • examples of how what we do to the animals is reflected and experienced by us in our own lives
    • cold violence vs hot violence
  8. The connection between the domination of the feminine and the dairy industry. (40:30)

    • the perpetration of mass violence against female mammals
  9. How men are suffering due to the herding culture of animal consumption. (44:10)

    • the loss and suppression of sensitivity, caring and compassion in men
    • the loss of relationship quality between men and women
  10. What happens when people try vegan/vegetarian eating and experience worse health, or feel they cannot survive without animal foods. (48:30)

    • the physiology of our bodies
    • the cleansing effects of plant foods
    • the lack of proper nutrition and information
    • the placebo effect
  11. What each of us can do to cultivate an increased quality of life, regardless of current position within our personal journey of evolution. (53:40)