Reconnective healing is an alternative healing modality that is based on energy work and is done with the help of a reconnective healing practitioner. It is a modality that can alleviate various physical, mental, and emotional problems, or simply support one along their spiritual evolution journey.

I had the pleasure of learning about reconnective healing from fellow writer and healing practitioner Jennifer Mannion. Jenny was suffering from chronic pain and health problems for years, until she healed herself, got off all medication and today lives a happy, fulfilled, pain-free life. Along her journey, she has become a certified reconnective healing practitioner, and today is helping to heal many others, both physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

What Is Reconnective Healing?

Reconnective healing is a form of healing that reconnects us to our original blueprint. It corrects “misinformation” in the energy fields around the body. It was founded by Eric Pearl of The Reconnection. It can be used for physical imbalances that are manifesting as diseases and has been known to even heal diseases like cancer and MS. It can also be used for bringing back to balance any mental, emotional, or spiritual imbalances. Or it can just be used as a regenerative treatment for overall well-being.

This type of healing can be done on location or as distance healing. As with all energy healing, distance and location do not hinder its success. For the session, the client need not do anything but be in a comfortable place, and position with no distractions. In terms of mindset, one only needs to be in a state of receiving and noticing. Thus, open to receiving any energies, or healing that is coming through, and noticing of any feelings, thoughts, emotions, images, etc.

My Reconnective Healing Experience

Since I am not suffering from any physical ailments, I was interested in this healing more to balance out any blocked energies that I may not be aware of, raise my vibration and re-align myself to a better connection overall. I am open, very open in fact these days to many alternative healing modalities, as well as pretty much anything dealing with metaphysical topics.

The more I read and learn, and expand my consciousness, the more I feel that nothing is impossible - and anything is possible. I no longer use phrases like “I don’t believe in that“ - because I know that everything that exists, exists based on our thoughts and beliefs. So believing in something is just as powerful as not believing in something. However, having said all that, it does not mean that I have worked through all past conditioning yet. I mean let’s face it, most of us have been brought up in homes where we learned that reality is based upon our physical world. Drugs heal people. And anything unseen is just a bunch of “woo-woo” stuff. But see this is a great lesson for all of us I think - just because we have not experienced something, doesn’t mean it does not work or exist.

I decided therefore to have a reconnective healing experience with Jenny since I already knew her work and felt comfortable working with her. Since we were both in geographically different areas, she called me a few minutes before our scheduled time to make sure we were both going to start at the same time, to let me know roughly what I could expect, and to see if I had any questions.

You know what my main question was—if she always has results with people? Yes, there was a part of me that was hoping I would feel something, but feeling a little anxious within, like what if I don’t feel anything? It was both a positive and negative thing to me, that Jenny said that she only had one “iffy” client, and even they felt something. So while that gave me confidence that I was probably going to feel something, I still wondered if I was going to be the first one to break her record.

I hung up with Jenny, laid down on my bed, closed my eyes and set my intentions. I didn’t even finish setting my intentions when I felt my eyes go crazy. Forgive my words, but the English language is so limited. Perhaps it was rapid eye movement, but what it felt like to me was that my eyes were rolling around from side to side, and all around like crazy! It was something that I could never do voluntarily, no matter how hard I tried.

During reconnective healing, you are completely aware of what is happening, so there is no fear that you don’t have control of what is happening to you. If you don’t like or feel comfortable with anything that you experience, you can always choose to stop the session. But I doubt you would want to do that, because the energy that floods your body is in one sense of the word - delicious!

At this point, I felt a huge surge of energy flow through my body, so much so that it felt as if it wanted to push out any pain I may have been holding onto in the subconscious of my mind. I felt a strong urge to cry, and exhale deeply. I felt like I was exhaling out any pain and impurities left over from years of holding stuff in. Tears began streaming down my face uncontrollably, and I really thought I was going to full out right have one serious crying session.

I did not fight or block anything that wanted to move through me. I continued to lay there with my eyes closed, as this energy surged through my body. All of a sudden my body stilled. Part of me was relieved for the break, while another part was a little sad. I wanted to feel more of that delicious energy.

Jenny instructed me at the beginning as I mentioned, to stay open and in a state of receiving and noticing. Well in this somewhat, what felt like a short break, I started to feel the tops of the palms of my hands and tops of my feet growing colder and colder (I had socks on if you are wondering, so it had nothing to do with the room temperature.) And then the energy crept upon me again and what a rush, and what a ride this was!

All at once, my body began to twitch in various places uncontrollably - I am sure if someone were watching me, I would have looked like a fish out of the water. My hands, arms, head, legs or even torso would move in various abrupt and totally unplanned ways. My lips and mouth got a strange sensation as if a small current of electricity was flowing through it. My upper lip began to vibrate immensely. The inside of my mouth had an energy frequency moving through it. My breathing was deep at some points and very shallow at others. On my thighs and knees, there was intense pressure, that if I wanted to lift my legs, there was no way it was going to happen - it was as if someone was sitting on them. But please note, none of this was painful or uncomfortable. Based on what I am describing it may sound odd, but it felt amazing!

So as my body involuntarily responded to the surges of energy, at this point not only were my mouth and lips vibrating, but so were my arms and hands. What I felt right through my arms, hands, palms, and fingers was the greatest tingling I could have ever imagined. In fact, if you ever had that “pins & needles” effect - it was like that, but pleasant and multiplied in strength, by an enormous factor.

As I mentioned I was aware of all this, I remember having several thoughts….one was “wow I can’t believe this is happening“ (poor choice of words… I know, I know), another thought was feelings of pure ecstasy as this loving energy washed through and surged through my body. And I tried to connect with my guides to allow for any healing needed, and any messages to be transmitted. As my body vibrated and twitched, and surged with this extreme flow of energy, slowly the force receded and part by part my body stilled. My hands, especially my palms still felt like they were holding an ample amount of energy. I was getting another break I felt.

A few times I saw a dark blue light in my mind’s eye. And at one point, I felt as if someone passed through me to my left. The energy of this being was so pleasant. And then Jenny called. I answered and I was in complete shock and disbelief. Why was she calling so early? I glanced at the time - 4. minutes had gone by and to me, the whole experience felt like not a second more than 5 minutes! It was incredible! As I came about and looked around the room, I felt so, so good! The peace that had washed over me, was like nothing I had ever experienced. The flood and surge of energy that this experience introduced me to and passed through my body were so rejuvenating!

If you decide to do this experience, I cannot promise you that it will be just like mine, as everyone has, of course, their own unique experience. But what I am pretty sure of is how much you are going to enjoy it. If I ever had a doubt of higher energy, and that we are energy beings (which I don’t these days), this knocked any remaining ideas out. I believe it greatly helped me to re-condition my mind even more, and see myself and this reality in an even more open and fresh way. For the rest of the day, I walked around like I was floating!

If you have any physical ailments, especially chronic, or if you feel an imbalance mentally, or emotionally, or if you just want to experience a sense of renewal and rejuvenation like no other, I definitely recommend giving reconnective healing a try. It may launch your healing journey to start or support you wherever you may be. Either way, you can depend on an alternative modality that is most in alignment with our energetic nature.

To connect with Jenny or make an appointment for yourself, check out her healing services.