EBTV presents host [Evita Ochel] with Anthony Peake Anthony is a writer, researcher, and lecturer. His work is widely know for his Cheating the Ferryman hypothesis. He is the author of four internationally acclaimed books. One of these being his newest release: The Labyrinth of Time: The illusion of past, present and future, which provides the foundation for the video episode topic.

Topics covered in video include:

  • Anthony explains why “time is one the most mysterious things that exists”….the problems with measuring, quantifying or being objective about time, physics of time, relativity of time, etc. (3:15)
  • What was Anthony’s greatest challenge of writing “The Labyrinth of Time” (7:50)
  • An explanation of linear vs. cyclical views of time (10:55)
  • The nature of positrons and photons (14:10)
  • How we process and perceive reality using our eyes (19:00)
  • The concept of block time (22:00)
  • The concept of “platonia” (23:00)
  • How different conditions perceive time, for example people with Schizophrenia or Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE) (23:45)
  • An overview of the dualistic theories of time: PRESENTISM vs ETERNALISM (28:20)
  • The potential of merging dualistic ideas of time (32:00)
  • An explanation of our potential existence in connection to intention, time and consciousness (36:00)
  • How does Ouspensky’s eternal return (recurrence) fit into how we perceive reality (37:30)
  • The deja vu phenomenon (42:45)
  • Examples popular media like Finnegans Wake, or Butterfly Effect that focus on re-living the same life (45:10)
  • How does re-living the same life explain fairness and diversity of experiences for each being (47:00)
  • The concept of panpsychism - unity of consciousness (50:00)
  • Understanding the potential of being God (51:45)
  • What role do dreams play in our understanding of time (53:30)
  • The role of the pineal gland in dreams (55:40)
  • The role of DMT in dreams (56:40)
  • The role of the pineal gland as a portal of time travel (58:20)
  • How does the eternal recurrence tie into the cyclical nature of time and the end of the Mayan Calendar (1:00:20)
  • Understanding the potential of orthogonal time(1:02:40)
  • Anthony’s perspective on our society’s need for more time, and not having enough time (1:04:50)

Anthony answers questions from the audience:

  • How can we increase our chances of having precognitive dreams (1:0810)
  • How is it that most NDEers can recount activity that went on around their body during their NDE (1:10:40)
  • To discuss more such topics and Anthony’s work, visit Anthony’s forum

Concluding Information:

  • Anthony’s concluding message to the audience (1:15:10)
  • Information about Anthony’s books and upcoming events (1:16:58)
  • Information about Anthony’s upcoming books coming out in 2013 (1:19:19)

Further resources for more information:

  1. Evita’s book review of Anthony’s book, The Labyrinth of Time

  2. Anthony’s article on connecting the Zero-Point Field, Pineal Gland and Out of Body Experience

  3. Anthony’s website

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