EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with special guest psychotherapist Ivan Staroversky.

In this video Ivan explains how to understand psychosomatic illness, what conditions are most prone to being psychosomatic, and how to fully heal ourselves by getting to the root of the issue.

Specific topics covered include:

  • What is somatic illness (2:00)

  • What is psychosomatic illness (3:10)

  • What is stress (3:30)

  • How are acute conditions like the flu psychosomatic (4:50)

  • How are chronic conditions like fibromyalgia psychosomatic (7:30)

  • What treatment is available for psychosomatic chronic conditions (9:00)

  • How is depression psychosomatic (10:50)

  • How andy why we are making ourselves sick (12:20)

  • How does coping work in our life (13:50)

  • How psychosomatic illness can be an adaptation for a lack of attention/affection (14:30)

  • How psychosomatic illness can be tied to living with lack or purpose and meaning (15:50)

  • How our subconscious can sabotage our healing due to secondary gain (16:30)

  • How do we make peace with our subconscious (18:10)

  • How to identify what area of your life requires attention (20:10)

  • How to differentiate when listening to the body if the problem is somatic or psychosomatic (21:10)

  • Summary of dialogue points for understanding psychosomatic illness and healing root issues (24:20)

  • What conditions are most commonly associated with being psychosomatic, specifically cancer (26:55)

  • How does spontaneous remission work in our healing (29:55)

  • The importance of living a balanced life (31:30)

  • Closing comments about psychosomatic illness (33:55)