EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with featured guest Eric D. Greene in a dialogue about peaceful parenting and how to approach raising kids in the most positive, conscious, and supportive of ways.

A shift in consciousness means that we are awakening on all levels, including how we parent and interact with any children in our care as family members, teachers, or friends. To break dysfunctional cycles based on fear, shame, manipulation, and control, we need a new way based on love, peace, compassion, empathy, and mindfulness.

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Eric’s Article: The Single Best Parenting Strategy for any Situation

Topics covered in the video:

  1. Eric shares about his work of peaceful parenting. (1:37)

    • how having his son shaped his approach to parenting
    • how peaceful parenting differs from conventional authoritarian parenting
    • the importance of empathy
  2. What it takes to be a good parent. (9:00)

    • peaceful parenting as an attitude
    • options for peaceful parenting
    • practical approaches based on peaceful parenting
    • the downside of reactivity and power struggles
  3. How to balance learning from external sources with following internal instincts (16:40)

    • coming back to loving instincts
    • cultivating healthy emotional development in children
    • how to parent consciously
    • the many roles that parents can play in their child’s life
  4. How parenting impacted Eric’s personal and spiritual development. (23:18)

    • the importance of a parent’s state of being, rather than what they are doing
    • what parents can do to be the best they can
  5. How to not impose oneself on their child, and get caught up forcing on a child what the parent never had or thinks they should give their child. (27:50)

    • how to balance setting expectations with trusting children to do the right thing
    • the importance of focusing on what we want (solutions), rather than on what we don’t want (problems)

    “I celebrate who my son is. I don’t try to mold him into something he isn’t. My likes and expectations and hopes for him are not the priority. Helping him to discover his own interests are. I don’t impose my wants and demands on him. Instead I listen, encourage, support and appreciate the person he is.” ~ Eric D. Greene

  6. Advice about managing time to implement peaceful parenting by investing in oneself to be a good parent. (34:08)

    • the importance of prioritizing
  7. How to transcend some parenting fears. (38:08)

    “The direction we are shifting towards is non-punitive, cooperative, peaceful, mindful, connected and gentle.” ~ Eric D. Greene

  8. Eric’s experience as a male parent and advice to fathers for peaceful parenting. (43:23)

  9. Eric’s resources for parents. (47:50)

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  2. Sexuality, Parenting & Emotions featuring Tom Campbell.

  3. Approaching Veganism with Kids featuring Ruby Roth.

  4. Family, School & Holiday Tips for Vegan Children featuring Ruby Roth.

  5. How to Make Informed Choices About Vaccines featuring Evita Ochel.

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