EBTV with host Evita Ochel and featured guest Jurgen Ziewe in a dialogue about Jurgen’s work with multidimensional reality, including out-of-body experiences and life after death.

Jurgen Ziewe is an artist, author, researcher and explorer of multidimensional reality.

Jurgen’s books include:

  1. Multidimensional Man
  2. Vistas of Infinity
  3. The Ten Minute Moment

Topics covered in the video include:

  1. Jurgen’s journey of awakening and interest in subjects related to consciousness and multidimensional realities. (1:35)

    • Jurgen’s early years
    • experience with meditation
    • experience with dark energies and fear
    • experience with oneness and purpose for life
    • the start of Jurgen’s OBEs (15:08)
    • state of meditation; achieving vs. allowing (18:50)
  2. Jurgen’s explanation of what out-of-body experiences are, different types and his experience. (20:02)

    • physical level vs. astral level
    • Jurgen’s technique for reporting his OBEs / astral plane experiences (25:00)
    • how OBEs influenced Jurgen’s art and the visions he brought back
  3. Similarities and differences between OBEs, dreams and lucid dreams. (29:15)

    “I always draw parallels to our dreams in which we are stripped of our physical bodies and yet function perfectly in synch of what we are. When we die, we enter another dream, a lucid dream which offers incredible options for expanding consciousness, if only we knew a bit more.”

    Jurgen Ziewe

  4. The benefits of the shift / awakening of consciousness. (36:07)

    • whether we need to be spiritual to awaken to reality / multidimensional reality
    • the saints amongst us (Jurgen’s hospital story)
  5. How our thinking versus being influences what we think and how we experience reality. (42:15)

    “There are plenty of theories and beliefs, but equally many more misconceptions and illusions.”

    Jurgen Ziewe

    • the role of heart-centered living
    • the role of words and the intellect
    • the importance of being, presence and gratitude
    • the individual and collective awakening experience
    • the importance of finding our own path (not getting distracted)
  6. What to expect after physical death; understanding the landscape and experience of this dimension. (51:20)

    “When the physical body dies, our internal world becomes our external reality.”

    Jurgen Ziewe

    • the importance of our focus and actions in this reality, and how they determine our non-physical reality
    • the potential of our liberation based on how we use our mind
  7. Jurgen’s resources for understanding the nature of our multidimensional self and reality. (1:01:41)

    • the reason Jurgen wrote his books
    • the value of the “Om” mantra
    • www.multidimensionalman.com
    • www.magicfantasyart.com

Books by Jurgen Ziewe