EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with featured guest Paul Levy in a dialogue about the dream-like nature of our reality and how to wake up and navigate it. Pau is a teacher, author, and artist with a background in economics, art, Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanism, and Jungian psychology.

Once we realize that we live in a virtual or dream-like reality and this becomes experiential for us, nothing is ever the same as we tap into our inherent creative and infinite potential. The veils lift, the eyes, ears, mind, and heart open, the drama dissipates, the suffering subsides and we experience the liberation of our being.

Topics covered in the video include:

  1. Paul shares about his spiritual awakening and how it brought him to do the work he does today. (1:15)

    • the role of suffering in Paul’s awakening
    • how mental health can be associated with spiritual awakening
  2. Paul shares about his latest book Awakened by Darkness. (8:00)

    • connections to Shamanism
  3. What does it mean that this reality is dream-like? (14:00)

    • Paul shares about his approach via “The Dreaming Up Process”
    • how the sleeping dream state mirrors the waking dream state
    • interpreting the symbolic nature of dreams
  4. Why is it important to wake up within this dream-like reality? (21:00)

    • the role of quantum physics
  5. How to approach this dream-like reality if we don’t like what we see in our personal ?(28:08)

    • the difference between being lucid and being awake (inner vs. outer dream control)
  6. What is synchronicity and its significance in our dream-like reality? (30:39)

    • the connection between matter and psyche
    • the connection to the archetypal dimension
  7. Exploring the symbolic nature of our dream-like reality. (34:14)

    • the connection between synchronicity and symbols
    • the meaning of symbols
    • how symbols are different than signs (37:00)
  8. How do deal with personal and collective suffering in a balanced manner, given the dream-like state of this reality? (38:35)

    • embodying bodhisattva and bodhicitta (40:05)
  9. How to deal with challenges of interacting with others within this reality, who are deeply entrenched and not aware of its dream-like nature. (42:35)

    • the importance of embodying the realization
    • the importance of surrounding ourselves with a like-minded people/community
  10. Paul shares concluding tips for navigating this dream-like reality. (47:07)

    • the importance of compassion
    • the importance of not ignoring, repressing or pretending something does not exist; finding a balance between the light and the dark
    • how negative energy feeds off of polarization/duality/separation (50:48)
  1. Healing Fear & Anxiety at the Root Level

  2. Awakening to your Shamanic Journey

  3. Shared & Collective Dreaming

  4. The Meaning and Language of Dreams

  5. How to Help Others Change, Heal or Awaken

Books by Paul Levy

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