EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with featured guest Paul Levy in a dialogue about the dream-like nature of our reality and how to wake up and navigate it. Pau is a teacher, author and artist with a background in economics, art, Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanism and Jungian psychology.

Topics covered in the video include:

  1. Paul shares about his spiritual awakening and how it brought him to do the work he does today. (1:15)

    • the role of suffering in Paul’s awakening
    • how mental health can be associated with spiritual awakening
  2. Paul shares about his latest book Awakened by Darkness. (8:00)

    • connections to Shamanism
  3. What does it mean that this reality is dream-like? (14:00)

    • Paul shares about his approach via “The Dreaming Up Process”
    • how the sleeping dream state mirrors the waking dream state
    • interpreting the symbolic nature of dreams
  4. Why is it important to wake up within this dream-like reality? (21:00)

    • the role of quantum physics
  5. How to approach this dream-like reality if we don’t like what we see in our personal ?(28:08)

    • the difference between being lucid and being awake (inner vs. outer dream control)
  6. What is synchronicity and its significance in our dream-like reality? (30:39)

    • the connection between matter and psyche
    • the connection to the archetypal dimension
  7. Exploring the symbolic nature of our dream-like reality. (34:14)

    • the connection between synchronicity and symbols
    • the meaning of symbols
    • how symbols are different than signs (37:00)
  8. How do deal with personal and collective suffering in a balanced manner, given the dream-like state of this reality? (38:35)

    • embodying bodhisattva and bodhicitta (40:05)
  9. How to deal with challenges of interacting with others within this reality, who are deeply entrenched and not aware of its dream-like nature. (42:35)

    • the importance of embodying the realization
    • the importance of surrounding ourselves with a like-minded people/community
  10. Paul shares concluding tips for navigating this dream-like reality. (47:07)

    • the importance of compassion
    • the importance of not ignoring, repressing or pretending something does not exist; finding a balance between the light and the dark
    • how negative energy feeds off of polarization/duality/separation (50:48)
  1. Healing Fear & Anxiety at the Root Level

  2. Awakening to your Shamanic Journey

  3. Shared & Collective Dreaming

  4. The Meaning and Language of Dreams

  5. How to Help Others Change, Heal or Awaken

Books by Paul Levy

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