The warm weather of spring and summer means bug season. Depending on where you live or where you choose to travel or vacation to, this can mean little to you, or a lot. In my wild area, each year this is a major and prominent occurrence. And given the wet and cooler spring this year, the mosquitoes and black flies are in full swing and healthier abundance than ever. So what is one to do? We can habitually react with physical violence or chemical destruction, or we can choose a new thought and action to consciously respond with.

Every insect, no matter how much of a nuisance it may be to us, or how unpleasant or undesirable deserves its own life. We are all part of creation and originated from the same source. And as we evolve spiritually and emotionally, we come to recognize that we have choices, choices that lower our entropy and increase our coherence to align with the vibration of love and peace. And these choices include learning how to live with all life forms in peace, balance, and harmony.

This video episode of New Earth Living presents a more holistic, sustainable, conscious, and heart-centered approach to dealing with insects.

Topics discussed include:

  • our current practices and dealings with insects
  • an alternative way based on New Earth principles to deal with insects
  • facts about insects to dispel ignorance
  • a commentary about specific insect groups
  • options and alternative ways of interacting more harmoniously with insects
  • practical lifestyle tips to balance our relationship with insects
  • the three types of killing associated with insects
  • the role of accountability in our relationship with insects
  • the role of intention in our relationship with insects