Pollinate All the Hearts within the Environment of your Making.

Bernie Krausse

Every special event, every holiday, and therefore every issue has its purpose to be explored and understood in our daily lives. It is a grand mystery that unravels its self so that we can see the “Self” more clearly. What was hidden in the knots, and that which lacked focus in the shadows comes into the light of day to be joyous.

The purpose of any matter therefore is to fully explore and accept the physical into the essence of our being.

It is a re-absorption of the neglected and the hidden.
It is a game of hide and seek.
It is a celebration where the unknown merges with the known.
It is the heart of any “Moment”, where we find peace with the object of our attention.
It is love… and this is the destiny and conclusion of any game.
It is the “a-ha” moment that relieves us of our tensions and opens up a situation where all pain simply falls away.
It is the age-old story of Life and Living.

When we resolve our focus on that which matters to us in the realm of matter, we then turn within and begin to tell the tale of our choosing. We learn to create our ever-changing and flowing reality in this “One” true moment.

On the path to liberation and personal awakening, we begin to take notice of the automated responses we are exhibiting in response to the outside world. There is a time for everything we are told…. and often someone will look at the calendar and tell us that the time is today… and so we must all jump into action.

It’s Christmas time, so says one religion and its governmental allies, and so we must act outside ourselves in observance of a past event that projects the hidden Christ within, as something separate and outside of us. We, therefore, lose sight of the “Here and Now” and become lost in time, and relegated to remembering an aspect of our soul that we have simply misplaced as a concept outside of ourselves.

It is Thanksgiving time, and we are told to celebrate the harvest and to appreciate family and friends. When the lesson is truly learned, we realize the harvest is ongoing and that life bears fruit when we are always thankful. One then learns that we hold the seasons and seasoning in life, no matter what the time of year it is.

It is always summer, winter, spring, or autumn somewhere on earth and therefore it is somewhere within us right now. We can summon those feelings and experiences to the surface for us to enjoy by simply allowing them to rise.

Today may be your birthday, and the world says you can be special today. You believe this, and it can be fun. But if you redefine the meaning of your birthday to one of expressing your true feelings at the moment…. then you are always giving birth and resonating something unique into this moment.

It’s President’s day, and we are told to celebrate those people that our ancestors elected to control their lives, because they voted for someone else other than selves.

And soon it will be Valentine’s Day. It is a day when we are to focus on the matters of the Heart. Have you ever noticed that Valentine’s Day has symbolism that points to stealing one’s heart and puncturing it with sharpened arrows, thereby wounding one’s Whole and Holy essence? For some, it is a game of attachment where two sides of a single coin are in servitude to each other. It is a day of great and often unfulfilled expectations where gifts are usually offered to fill gaping holes. “You are mine” is the motto, versus “I belong to everyone and everything.”

These, again, are clues to the fact that the heart is damaged and is not open to embracing the Moment. People are not supposed to own pieces of our Hearts. Evolving beings have the awareness to re-establish the Heart connection and to revel in their expressions. When one truly touches Love, there is no need to celebrate the matters of the heart on a single day. Matter simply drops away exposing an open heart that allows love to be made with all of existence. There is no longer the concept of Being Mine alone. There is only connectivity with Abundance and diversity where we all celebrate life with our ability to create.

In Truth, there is nothing wrong with any of these holidays and special events. But beyond time and space, there is so much more for all of you evolving beings that are gathered here today. Instead of marrying one person, you find a union with infinity. One is therefore married to God and to one’s personally intended and cultivated feelings.

The holidays are points to be resolved. In the “Now” there are no more resolutions as in New Year’s Day. These days are falsified Holy Days that keeps one trapped in Time and Space. Holiness and Wholeness come with each breath you take. It can not be found in time. Therefore these events are clues to something that can be reclaimed within you.

It is Now always Christmas and one has found the Christ within.
It is Now always Thanksgiving and thankfulness creates the Harvest that one reaps.
It is Now one’s birthday because one creates and gives birth to one’s next Moment.
It is Now Easter because One has risen above the dead and beyond the concept of death and dying.
It is Now President’s day and one is celebrating that you are your own Commander and Chief.
It is Now Voting Day and One will only vote for one’s Higher Self and for the expression of one’s uninhibited Soul.
It is Now Valentine’s Day and One loves unconditionally everything that crosses One’s path. You give your heart openly to All that resonates with you.


Holidays and special events only become Holy when we embrace them and reclaim them to be expressed in this One Moment beyond time. It is Up to each and every one of you to unravel the mysteries of life so that you can open yourself up and become a Gift to the World.

About the Author

Bernie Krausse is a naturalist, writer, traveler, and photographer. He captures his artistic nature photography, spiritual travel insights, and thought-provoking verses on his Instagram page.