EBTV with host Evita Ochel and featured guest Marta Zaraska in a dialogue about Marta’s new book Meathooked and the history and science of human obsession with meat.

Exploring our human obsession with meat with Marta Zaraska. What is it that keeps most humans addicted and hooked, even when their own health and wellbeing, as well as that of our Earth and other beings is at stake? Marta shares some of the meat hooks that she writes about in her book, which run deeper than most of us realize.

Specific topics covered include:

  1. Why Marta wrote the Meathooked book. (1:52)

    • why given everything we know about meat’s numerous negative impacts, do we keep eating it
  2. Why there is such a strong defensive and hostile reaction from most people to any talk of reducing or eliminating meat from the diet. (5:30)

    • understanding cognitive dissonance as it relates to meat-eating
    • understanding tactics used to overcome the cognitive dissonance
  3. Marta shares some of the “meat hooks” related to taste that keep people addicted to meat. (10:19)

    • how meat helped survival in the past, but hurts our wellbeing today
  4. How the human body is not designed for meat. (15:30)

  5. Exploring whether humans started eating meat as hunters or as scavengers. (20:12)

    “We went for meat simply because it was there.” ~ Marta Zaraska

  6. Exploring the “meat hook” related to the habit of eating meat. (23:06)

    • understanding eating scripts
  7. Exploring the “meat hook” of social pressure as related to the eating of meat. (25:23)

    • how the mother’s diet during pregnancy and lactation influences child’s tastebuds
    • how we establish taste preferences in childhood based on parents
    • how meat enhanced social bonds and became used for feasts and celebrations (28:42)
    • what time is the best to make major dietary changes
  8. Exploring the “meat hook” of political agenda and pressure to maintain the meat-centric culture. (30:56)

  9. Exploring the “meat hook” of nutritional fears as related to not eating meat. (32:33)

    • the orchestrated protein meat hook
  10. Exploring the problems of the Paleo diet. (36:00)

    “We shouldn’t assume that just because a diet is ancient, it must be good.” ~ Marta Zaraska

  11. Advice for vegans/vegetarians for dealing with the strong “meat hooks” that impact meat-eaters. (39:26)

  12. Looking into the future of meat eating. (43:33)

    “What’s important is to be aware of factors that drive our food choices, instead of blindly following our routines, our cultures, and advertising.” ~ Marta Zaraska

  13. Marta’s closing words. (46:32)

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