EBTV with host Evita Ochel and featured guest Marta Zaraska in a dialogue about Marta’s new book Meathooked and the history and science of human obsession with meat.

Specific topics covered include:

  1. Why Marta wrote the Meathooked book. (1:52)

    • why given everything we know about meat’s numerous negative impacts, do we keep eating it
  2. Why there is such a strong defensive and hostile reaction from most people to any talk of reducing or eliminating meat from the diet. (5:30)

    • understanding cognitive dissonance as it relates to meat-eating
    • understanding tactics used to overcome the cognitive dissonance
  3. Marta shares some of the “meat hooks” related to taste that keep people addicted to meat. (10:19)

    • how meat helped survival in the past, but hurts our wellbeing today
  4. How the human body is not designed for meat. (15:30)

  5. Exploring whether humans started eating meat as hunters or as scavengers. (20:12)

    “We went for meat simply because it was there.” ~ Marta Zaraska

  6. Exploring the “meat hook” related to the habit of eating meat. (23:06)

    • understanding eating scripts
  7. Exploring the “meat hook” of social pressure as related to the eating of meat. (25:23)

    • how the mother’s diet during pregnancy and lactation influences child’s tastebuds
    • how we establish taste preferences in childhood based on parents
    • how meat enhanced social bonds and became used for feasts and celebrations (28:42)
    • what time is the best to make major dietary changes
  8. Exploring the “meat hook” of political agenda and pressure to maintain the meat-centric culture. (30:56)

  9. Exploring the “meat hook” of nutritional fears as related to not eating meat. (32:33)

    • the orchestrated protein meat hook
  10. Exploring the problems of the Paleo diet. (36:00)

    “We shouldn’t assume that just because a diet is ancient, it must be good.” ~ Marta Zaraska

  11. Advice for vegans/vegetarians for dealing with the strong “meat hooks” that impact meat-eaters. (39:26)

  12. Looking into the future of meat eating. (43:33)

    “What’s important is to be aware of factors that drive our food choices, instead of blindly following our routines, our cultures, and advertising.” ~ Marta Zaraska

  13. Marta’s closing words. (46:32)

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